US Treasury going after Russian bank for North Korea sanctions


Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Laurie London almost a. Year after the worst mass shooting in US, history Las Vegas police have issued a final report on the investigation into a killing spree that left fifty, eight people dead and hundreds more wounded NPR's Leyla Fidel tells us that police say after the, months long investigation. They still don't know why the shooter did it tar county sheriff Joe Lombardo release a final one hundred. Eighty three page report on the police investigation at a? Morning press conference in Las Vegas without a manifest. Or even or. Not to answer questions the totality of the information has. Been gathered leaves us to only make an educated guess. As to the motives of Stephen paddock, Lombardo called the shooter an, unremarkable man that he had never done anything. To draw law enforcement's attention until October first two thousand seventeen when he opened fire Lombardo said the FBI's behavioral, analysis unit will be releasing In its report by the end of the year Leila Fadel NPR. News the treasury department is going after a Russian Bank and other individuals and businesses accused of helping North Korea evade sanctions the action comes as secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in Singapore foreign Asian, security summit, this weekend as NPR's Michelle Kellerman reports on peyot. Is urging countries, in the region to keep the pressure on North Korea until it gives up its nuclear weapons the, treasury department has added agro say use a Russian Bank to a US blacklists saying. Knowingly facilitated what it calls a significant transaction, at violated US sanctions the US is also imposing sanctions on a Moscow based Representative of North Korea's primary, foreign exchange Bank urging Russia to expel him a Chinese trading company is also being singled out, by the treasury. Department Meanwhile Secretary Pompeo is attending a regional forum in Singapore where he's encouraging Countries to better enforce sanctions on. North Korea he tells reporters quote we still have a ways to go to achieve the outcome we're looking for Michelle Kellerman NPR news Washington the US Labor. Department is reporting that employers added one hundred fifty seven thousand workers to. Their payrolls last month a solid gain but the healthy pace in the first half of the year it was below that and below expectations. JJ can Eoghan is chief market, strategist at TD Ameritrade in Chicago although the headline number itself may not have been fantastic it wasn't so far below some. Expectations that it makes people nervous and if we look at what came out. For the may in June reports they were both. Revised higher the unemployment rate also ticked down to three point nine percent. On, Wall Street the Dow up ninety five points this is NPR news From k. q. e. d. news I'm Tiffany Cam high federal fire officials say flames from the massive Ferguson. Fire have prompted, a, new mandatory evacuation for Yosemite valley this morning park officials say. The blaze which started weeks, ago in, the, Sierra national forest is burning near the Wattana area of Yosemite within, the park's western boundary park spokesman Scott get, him in the, fire has entered the park it is along the highway forty. One corridor along the road where the. Firefighters are doing the backfiring operations park officials shut off the won'the. Area and Yosemite valley to all visitors last week the. Ferguson fire has scorched more than seventy three thousand acres and it's. Forty one percent contained meanwhile a team from the national weather service and Cal, fire have begun investigating the. Large fire world or fire tornado that ripped through, a section of reading a. Week ago in the early stages. Of the car fire As KiKi weedy science editor Danielle vent. And tells us they've released some preliminary, findings winds were in excess of one hundred forty three miles per hour when an out of control. Fire generated its own weather system last week torching neighborhoods and reading that's the equivalent of an f two tornado considered significant on the scale used for tornadoes the, winds, were strong enough to crumple high-tension powerline towers uproot. Trees and tear the roofs off homes the team will be issuing a full report but according to a Cal fire spokesman there is no estimate yet.

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