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HIV-positive shelter worker sexually abused 8 immigrant boys, authorities say


Virginia where the twelve year old Chinese national seen walking off with an, unknown woman, at Reagan national airport, has been found. Latest details from CBS news Rena nine frozen, considered dinging Ma to be in extreme danger after she went missing at Reagan national. Airport the twelve year old girl was visiting the US from China and was with a tour group at the. Time said that she. Appeared to walk off with an Asian woman who had approached try. To restroom that set off a search for her and now the National Center for missing and exploited children say that she has been found safe police say the girl was found in the New York City's Queensboro former. Worker for an Arizona immigrant shelter is charged with eleven sex offenses after he was accused of molesting boys in, his care alleged abuse took place over about a year at the, shelter run by. South west key the largest organization the US government contracts to house immigrant children CBS. News Don daler reports Michael Gray Bill is one of the propublica reporters who uncovered the details. Of abuse at the southwest cay shelter levian Pacheco who is HIV positive was indicted for engaging in. Sexual acts with at least eight boys between August two thousand sixteen and July twenty seventeen at CASA cook, cappelli and Mesa Arizona all the children were between fifteen and seventeen years old. It's very common, for victims of abuse to not come forward To be afraid. To come forward, and especially in this population there is this fear. That if you come forward and report abuse. It might affect her immigration case on Tuesday another southwest key worker Fernando Negroponte. Was arrested and later fired after. Allegedly molesting a fourteen year old immigrant girl at a. Facility in Phoenix. Don daler CBS news New York and eighty eighty nine year, old, man is being treated for head trauma sustained in. A rollover crash in paradise hills early this morning we're told he was. Going eastbound on Parkside avenue lost control and rolled is vehicle several times he was trapped inside the car for. Awhile before, crews could pull him out there's no word on his condition local SDG crews reach out to fire ravaged northern California this is deadly wildfires continue to, burn, destroy, enforce evacuations, in. Northern California SD genie sending cruise and utility trucks to. Mendocino county news eight commander shot ski tells us how the Crews will be helping loaded.

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