Thousands more evacuated from California's largest wildfire


And UNLV experts find the North Korea has not stopped its nuclear program. I'm John Evans, CBS news covers the world. Next. What's happening and why KCBS AM. FM and HD. One San Francisco Oakland San. Jose Eleven o'clock CBS news on the hour sponsored by. Progressive insurance I'm. Jim shanavie it's another night of heavy rain in parts of, the east a storm front that extends from the mid Atlantic to New England and flash flood warnings and watches rebel along that path in Lynchburg Virginia where the college lake dam was threatening to burst and unleash a wall of water evacuations remain in effect overnight correspondent chip, Reid says the danger is mostly over in the last twenty. Four hours the water from that reservoir was actually going over this bridge, and dam and that's why they were afraid of the possibility of. Catastrophic failure now seek waters quite a, bit lower but there is heavy rain in. The forecast so there are a little, bit worried but they think wiping out this damn at this point is. Extremely unlikely there were new evacuations from wildfires in. Northern California Friday is the largest fire the Mendocino complex blaze grew to more than one, hundred fifty three. Thousand acres some sixteen thousand people have been forced to leave their homes in. Napa county the car fire continues to call Ause problems mostly for the. Fire crews Cal. Fires Heather Williams combined these fires have burned over one hundred, fifty seven thousand acres the largest of that is the ranch fire which is burned two hundred fifteen thousand acres and currently we still have over nine thousand structures that are threatened at this time but heat wave continues for much of California Saturday's high in reading near the, car fires forecast to hit ninety seven degrees secretary of state. Mike Pompeo has issued a stern warning to Russia and China and any, other country that might violate u. n. sanctions and deal with North. Korea has comes amid a UN report, that the north continues to get oil from. Illegal ship to ship transfers at sea, and is making tens of millions of dollars in banned exports of coal. Iron seafood and other products the report will cause. Some problems for President Trump suggest to get North Korean leader Kim Jong undertow the line, CBS's Mike lions. States it's going to be looking for North Korea to move the agreement forward. Intangible manner such as having inspectors Allowed instead of North Korea the search for the suspect. In the shooting death of Houston cardiologists Dr Mark house connect came to an end. In Houston Friday morning when police caught up with sixty two year old Joseph Pappas, Omar Villafranca reports one police officer arrived, within moments and. Confronted Pappas and another officer as well they noticed that he was wearing body armor they told him to get his hands up but it only apparently put one hand up now both officers were there when he did lift up his other hand he had a gun in it he put it to his head and pulled the trick, is connected been one of. Former president George H W Bush doctors Pappas may have killed him as revenge for, the death of his mother on the operating table. Some twenty years ago on Wall Street the Dow gained one hundred thirty, six points this is CBS news Progressive will compare rates for you so you get the best deal even if it's not with us. Saving you time and money now that's progressive. Call or click today It's eleven oh three the bay area's news station. KCBS sunny and, warm tomorrow in. The inland areas we're going to see some hazy conditions for the rest of the weekend due to, the fires in the north state I'm John Evans here's what's, happening there was a fight that closed the Bart station at MacArthur in Oakland tonight. For a short time and it turned into a stabbing two men. Are injured police say an. Altercation started on a Richmond train. And then continued at the MacArthur station one suffered a cut to the. Face the other to the arm both men are being treated no. Arrests have been made NIA Wilson was stabbed to death in an unprovoked. Attack on Bart in July she was honored by by family today in a memorial in. Oakland KCBS lane reports of the. Event was attended by approximately fifteen hundred people NIA Wilson's funeral lasted some four hours ending with. Hundreds of people filing past her oath Open casket draped in a white. Veil the ceremony was a time to mourn for her family.

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