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Friday night fever five more touchdown passes for Lamar Jackson patted his MVP resume the ravens obliterate the jets forty two twenty one Jackson at another eighty six yards rushing he broke Michael Vick single season record for a quarterback the ravens piled up two hundred eighteen yards on the ground as a team Sam Darnell to eighteen passing two touchdowns one pack he also lost a fumble that sucks against anything at all but you know especially against these guys and especially the way that we are planned to I feel like we're running the ball really well our offense of line played really really well today you know I just wish you know obviously I could play better nat from S. and why Jamison Crowder favorite target six catches ninety yards bowl touchdowns levy on bills season I eighty seven yards on the ground to the jets now five and nine ravens up to eleven into running a ten game win streak in the clinch the AFC north meanwhile giant quarter generous Jake insulin but somewhat of an apology for his use of inappropriate term what's waiting at a fan he called it slang intend to offend anyone head coach Pat Shurmur wasn't broke he's well aware of my feelings and he's well aware of how we feel with his choice of words and what he did he's well aware that and the team is well aware of that so you learn from that and they will learn from Jenkins then practice with an ankle injury Kevin Siler also held out of practice Daniel Jones evident grumbles limited former longtime NBA commissioner David stern suffered a brain hemorrhage collapse of Manhattan restaurant Thursday afternoon underwent emergency surgery no further details of his condition at this time Metz said another starter kit interns reports Sello one year ten million is GM Bertie bandwagon it feels pretty good about this club after bringing in a former cy young winner long with Michael Walker where if this now we.

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