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Thirty five Julian Rogers next report at eight fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. All right, Julian thank you so much. Of course today is Friday. Your forecast today. Brought to you by certified Autoplex still excited to turn it over to chief meteorologist in Brunei off enjoying his Cup of coffee this morning in Lewisville mama's daughters diner. Yeah. They got some good coffee here. Just just awesome, home cooking. I had the chicken fried steak, and eggs and hash Browns. And they have breakfast served all day. They're open Monday through Friday until eight o'clock a little bit shorter hours on Saturday in the closed on Sunday took out all five of their locations here across the Dallas area room with off. This was my last hit. I wanna thank mama's daughters done it for having me out once again, and again, all folks that are loyal listeners that have come by instead. Hello weather's going to be nice forties now seventies after noon, but bad day tomorrow, a lot of rain shower thunderstorm activity, some hail and some of the stronger storms off and on during the day. The threat is level two at a five Fort Worth west level three out of five what you get out towards canton over. Towards Greenville and level. Four out of five in Louisiana, Mississippi, so dangerous weather day, especially in Dixie so be whether we're heading that direction whether gets better here on Sunday high in the mid sixties. And here's your problem report is brought to you by DFW sinus, both in south lake in Fort Worth. We've all been seizing the past week or two with the new leaves out mold grass trees weeds high again today, but that will improve as the atmosphere washes things out tomorrow right now, we've warmed up to forty eight here at momma's, daughters diner, and Lewisville news, traffic and weather all day. Listen on your smart speaker, just say play KRLD. They me now Arlington is a new fleet of emergency response trailers, they're all set to roll after severe weather. Those new trailers already getting quite a workout in the weather. This storm season. This is one of two of those trailers in the fleet. It's packed and ready to roll in fact that the first hint of severe weather that teams that man these trailers are put on standby they head out day and night into neighborhoods the minute the storm passes in those damage reports start pouring in they get the debris out of the streets or emergency vehicles. Utility crews can get to you and your family faster each pack. Chainsaws water pumps generators everything needed to get debris out of the streets sidewalks, even the channels where even talking debris out of drainage systems that could cause flooding it is NBC fives, Larry Collins reporting. So what is the world's most relaxing color, turns out, we humans have a close emotional bond with you. Electromagnetic spectrum and gravitate towards certain colors.

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