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The disgorge meant when the bottle stoppers removed and the pressure inside expels the did yeast here they issue mechanisation and do everything by hand at least two years to live how to this court they feel very bad when they lose several of them let's go close as he holds the base of the bottle against his belly he's got his finger on top of the coq molding it in and he's got a pair of pliers and his righthand and he's smiling at me on this law okay fini gus that was really creek and he's now just a coke on is now putting the metal cage on top of the coq squeezing their own there will be there's a finishing body cover and it's clean water yeah perfect skills global business from catalonia was produced by is still doyle i'm joe murphy cheers is trying to keep up with the news making your heads spin it doesn't have to be that way wall street is not the economy had the economies very strong in fact maybe it's a little bit stronger than had been anticipated what's happening is really a stock market issue what's happening and what it means for you listened to morning edition every day on wnyc.

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