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It's Saturday February second, and this is weakened pulse. I'm Joey Hudson. Your host each Saturday. We gather at twelve noon to talk about places to go people to see charitable vents and everything in between right here in the upstate of South Carolina, western North Carolina and northeast Georgia. Glad to have you long on this Saturday. The Phoenix centers vision is very simple, the help people live free of the harmful of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. I work within our community and prevention treatment and recovery from substance use disorders by offering affective enforceable services. You know, we've been having this discussion over the past few weeks about the introduction of the compassionate Care Act. Again this year by Senator Tom Davis and other supporters in the South Carolina general assembly with other states having passed similar legislation. We're set to have a pretty spirited debate. Probably over the coming months on legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. If you will now for families who have had loved ones who've experienced addiction issues, they usually. We take exception to the argument that marijuana is not a so-called gateway drug those who support legalization dismisses claim saying this not addictive joining me today in the ninety four five WGTK. Guests duty owes Tanya Fokin berry Tanya, you have a very personal story detail. Let's talk for a minute about your experience with marijuana. Well, might spirit says have my youngest son at the fifteen started these marijuana to relieve anxieties, I have three children that is my youngest my medal. One did a little bit of marijuana with some discipline. He kind of responded to that and kind of respected the fact that we didn't tolerate that in the house, and he he pretty much didn't do it. But the youngest one did not the older one didn't never mess with any of it to my daughter of didn't didn't never to marijuana and this stored when your youngest son was held. He was fifteen when he started smoking marijuana. And at what point did you realize that he was Spearman with marijuana? I knew that he was kind of having some issues at school. So we actually had gone because he had anxiety. He had gone to contras. So the first time he smoked marijuana. Don't think I knew that he had because he was trying to alleviate the anxiety. He was having after we started with the psychiatrists. He started with prescription medicine which helped a lot with the exiled. But it was a little after that that I noticed that. I would catch him smoke marijuana for parents who are listening today Tanya, and I don't have children so on don't completely understand, you know, a fifteen year old being able to buy marijuana. And that's disturbing to me that it's that readily available. How did he get this? How did he learn about smoking marijuana? I think all the kids in school really know about marijuana. They know where to get it. I think it's very easy to get. It's probably easier to get than. Anything else that there would be for them? Lots of kids sell it in school. So they can kind of get it for free. But I think they're I it was always kind of amazing to me. But that's what my kids would always say the easiest thing to get. Let's talk about Thomas story because a like so many stories that we hear started when he was fifteen and Cup having issues. He would get better and seem to have control over it. And then something would happen. And it would get worse. I mean, you guys tried different things. He he had rehab at one point, right? Yes. He dad when way had caught him smack marijuana. We would try to discipline him. And he wasn't when he first started math smoked with friends the concern that ended up being as he was smoking it by himself. He would he actually started smoking in our attic to me a while to kind of figure out that that's what was going on. He did have a job. He really liked his job. But he decided that you know, smoke marijuana. Your little too tired to work too. Much much more fun to be higher than it was actually go to work. So he ended up losing that job kind of quitting the job because that ended up being the bigger thing is to smoke marijuana. And then is understand. There was just a real really horrible event in Thomas live is friend. Yes. So after he went to rehab the first time I will kind of back up inside before we went to the rehab because we were drug testing him. He knew that he would test positive. So he started seeking out other things that would not show up on drug tests. So of course, the kids his peers would off obviously tell him what works. So there was a spice or k to that. He actually started doing which kind of led him to that first rehab when you come out of the first we happy was doing pretty good after he came home on one of his friends that he was pretty close with and also ball from had been arrested many times, you'll find that a lot of these kids have been arrested multiple times, but because of the age of eighteen. It's it's private, and there's no I don't wanna say consequences. But you know, there's really they can get some fines and do some community service. But this friend of his had just turned eighteen and had been arrested a couple of times, and he ended up committing suicide. And it was it was very devastating

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