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Excuse me because Blowing a young guy wide. I he's ready to get out there and everything. No coming off of a Heisman of performance last season. I'm clemson going for the jacksonville. Jaguars trevor lawrence is obviously going to have a trip on the shoulder and everything He should definitely be the quarterback on where to starting quarterback for the jacksonville. Jaguars week one. I think it's important for some of these. Young guys like a trevor lawrence and josh some fields to really get as much accidents can here. Obviously fields is different situation compared to with jacksonville's dealing with now but like i said jacksonville isn't going to be a super bowl contender at least this year. And if anything in the rebuilding process you gotta start your number one overall pick Week one and that's trevor lawrence. Man i mean he on how well he's going to do In the nfl I really don't. I wish i could tell you guys but the afc south Is not that great of a division. The nfc probably the weakest division in the afc in my opinion. But you have tennessee. Titans you know and then after that you have a colts team who trying to get Their stuff together with injuries with quinton nelson and Starting quarterback carson wentz and then with the houston texans. I mean they're in some some stuff right now They're definitely not going to be a team to watch out for this Next fall season but with the jacksonville. Jaguars if they're able to Step up this year and give trevor lawrence Starting quarterback job. I think he'll do really well right. Next to james robinson you know talking about carlos side tribes. Et end who played ball woodson high school or in college. So right now. If i were meyer. I got to start my young quarterback rick one for overall pick in mind. So with this I think jacksonville start travelers week. One in new orleans saints. They have to start. James once-a-week one but sean payton is giving us any hints whatsoever. Hasn't even decided on who's going to be their quarterback weak one they serve more preseason game with the arizona ricardo's at home so Maybe after that game or maybe not after that game will be able to see. Who's going to be the starting quarterback week one but right now i'm going with a Winston so moving on to the next quarterback dilemma on you got metros and cam newton And with this You gotta keep in mind who these teams play week one as well with trampled oranges. It doesn't matter who's who they're playing week one. I think no matter what he has to play that game in order to get the currency needs And with mack jones for On the other side of things They played the miami dolphins week. One with this bring same question up are brought with the jacksonville. Jaguars are the new england. Patriots of super bowl contender more than the jags. Yes but overall. Will i bet on them to win the super bowl. Probably not but still bilbao. Jack and company are going after one thing and one thing only that's making it to Suit bowman but with this in week. One of the regular season to go against the miami dolphins who have a great great defense. I think mark jones will need a lot of help in this game. So i'm going to have to go camden certain week one over the course of the season of who knows if Thou checks go to change up The their quarterback scheme Especially week four week. Four on they're going to be playing at home versus the tampa bay buccaneers. Tom brady and everything so him. Going back to The patriots and everything is definitely going to be interesting to watch And we'll see what happens with cam and the cove nineteen protocols right now. It seems like cycling too well for him and everything. It seems a bit of a massive. I had to say. I'm not a clear cut facts Valley could find about that but He is having trouble with a nineteen protocols and stuff like that with getting vaccinated and all that stuff. So if cam isn't Healthy enough to go week one. I k- if he disobeys covert protocols. Jones is next. Step up for this for this team. But i'm moving on here. You have Next up of with denver broncos on drew lock trae. teddy bridgewater With this Broncos are again one of those teams like jacksonville jaguars who aren't in a or aren't a super bowl. Contender yet but the more game is played and the more time has passed. Who knows they might be able to They might be able to get a super bowl in the next few jr in the near future. But the quarterback dilemma right now teddy bridgewater and drew lock bridgewater in his eighth year out of louisville and drew log in his third year out of missouri Bridgewater twenty eight drew lock twenty four so bit of an age difference air on lock being the younger i obviously But with this. I lock star for this team on considering i starting last year but bridgewater should be ready at the go Lock isn't for sure A lot for this quarterback was necessarily. But i am expecting him to play week one but for seventeen game season. I'll be surprised if drew lock plays or starts all seventeen of these games. So it's going to be agency with the denver broncos do with their quarterback Dilemma right now. Drew lock and teddy bridgewater in With the rest of the season. But overall i have drew lock. Start starting furthest team then. Any doll versus justin fields Pardon the most talked about on quarterback dilemma. Right now seems like a lot of on reporters. Lot fans to cargo really want field to start week one for his team in week. One on the chicago bears are going to go up against an opponent They're going to go on the road to la played a rams. That's going to be the prime time game on the first primetime game of Regular season this is going to be quite the game to watch The rams obviously having a great defense the bears also having a decent defenses while and then The.

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