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Tell bit of New York Upstate into Aaron Freeman of locked on Falcons. We are State sticking with the bird themed NFL teams here as we bring in our next guest on the West, her hotline and Shawn Step in Aries, a sports reporter over at W. M. A ARS and ABC affiliate in Baltimore and former Western New Yorker first things first, Sean, we will not be talking about Jack. Michael. I want to just put that on the table now. My producer has a very quick finger and he will hang up on you if you try to bring up a Jack local trade. Washington Just I just wanna let you know. I just want to let you know it's off the table. So Well, you know, I'm a hockey guy at heart, so I might have to sneak it in there. But maybe we'll do it toward the end. You don't me. I feel what you need first and then you know, I'm going That's fair. That's fair, Manly. At least we can get some of the Ravens talk out of the way and then you know I can hang up on you at the end of the show that I think that'll be. That's more respectful for both of us, Shawn, you know, I think Ravens are entering into. I think one of the most consequential seasons of like this era that they're in on dime, sort of wondering where what you think the outlook is because they've taken steps in the right direction. The wide receiver position, which is what everyone around football might be looking at to say, Like Like this is what they needed, but in order for them to make the room or really, frankly, just in order for them to do the things they did a wide receiver. They sacrificed some positions on the defensive side of the ball, particularly the defensive line, letting Janek and Duque you know, ultimately go on in free agency, Tonto Squads Vegas and that's a defensive line last year. That was sort of the heartbeat of that whole team, not just the defense, so I'm wondering They got better at wide receiver. But how consequential can any receiver really truly be in a Greg Roman system that is pretty limited to the receivers and passing game. And how much are they gonna miss what they had on the defensive line last year? All right, So let's start with, you know the Roman Ravens offense and how productive they want. Toby. Look, um, everybody knows and bills. Fans obviously know about Roman style, and he's a run first guy heavily involved the tight ends. And you know, that's what Baltimore has been throughout their franchise history. Really, I mean, they've been a run first ground and pound Offense now will that Um, offense, survive and thrive really in today's, and if L mean you need to be able to pass the ball, you need to be able to stretch the field. Um so That being said Look, they added, Um Rashad Bateman in the first round, they added Sammy Watkins, another guy that bills fans are well aware of. As a veteran presence. They have the young guy marquees Brown, who's another first round draft. Pick Those three guys Brown Bateman and walk ins all former first round picks. I mean, you add James Pro. Shay and Devon Duvernay, Thailand Wallace From From this year, Miles Borg Boykin from a couple years ago, those air all Eyes that the Ravens have drafted over like the last three years to play wide receiver and some special teams, so I mean they're heavily invested in wide receiver. Um, you know, it's on the Mark Jackson, now to improve as a pastor does the last round passing offense in the league last year, you know, so so that's where they have to improve. Specifically outside the numbers and deep for Lamar, but but they're definitely invested on the offensive side specifically at wide receiver, getting younger and getting some more weapons. For Lamar, Now on the defensive side. I don't know if Janek and got way is as big of a loss for the Ravens as Matthew, Don. Yep. He goes to New England. But you know that that's kind of over the last few years. That's that's kind of been the Ravens and Bo. I mean they let their high priced free agents but especially on defense. They let him go to draft better, and they rely on Don Martin Vail, the defensive coordinator, um, who has a lot of respect around the league and has proven himself Has a good track record. They rely on him to scheme it up, and it really has worked in recent years mean that you know, like I said that this franchise has been known over the years. Assed long Has it been around as a running team and a good defense, and that's that's how they're gonna win. That's how they're gonna win. Going forward. I guess you know a good follow up. Question to that is this whole Julio Jones situation I think is overall. Uh, pretty interesting, especially from afar. I'm not sure. Listen, should the bills be interested in Julio Jones? Absolutely. Should they do what's necessary to go and get him? I just I'm just not sure it makes sense for them, even though they are in this. Think really interesting, like Super Bowl window And you can't exactly say that about a lot of teams. You could say they're in a playoff window and the window window. I'm not sure many teams get to be quote unquote like in a Super Bowl one. No, I think the bills are that I also think the Ravens air that so I think those are two teams that make a lot of sense for Julio Jones. I just If the Ravens are to go out and get a Julio Jones, I just how do you How do you justify that In the same sort of breath. We're talking about this. This past passing game situation where As a Lamar Jackson fan. I'm just not sure this is the type of offense where you could have four receivers like Julio Jones was shot Bateman, Sammy Watkins, Hollywood Brown and really be able to utilize them all to their strengths, considering it's just not Yeah. Again. This is not a Lamar Jackson critique. It's more of a Greg Roman critique. But I just wonder how a Greg Roman could use a Julio Jones. And do you believe that kind of move would be worth the value? In return? You have to give up two to acquire a Julio Jones based on who they have already acquired T to sort of give that room. Ah, sort of boost in the arm. I just don't think that that's the way that the Ravens operate, and they haven't over the years. I mean, you look at their general manager, Um, up until three years ago. It was Ozzie Newsome. That was the only general manager of the Ravens had and then you know, Eric DeCosta takes over Eric. The cost has been with the Ravens since day one since day one when they when they got to Baltimore. Eric DeCosta was a scout and he worked his way up to, um you know the top assistant for Ozzy, and then he took over for Ozzy. And he's a little bit more aggressive than Ozzy Newsom ones. But it's just not how they operate..

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