Sequoia discussed on Main Engine Cut Off - T+56: Small Launchers and Advanced Propulsion


The other player right now in the space that i would get a lot of comments if i did not bring up here is vector they've been making a lot of noise lately and quite honestly for not a whole lot they've done to test launches right now but they aren't tests launches in the way that you would think these are basically hollow airframes that have very small propellant tanks in them they use one engine instead of three that will be flying on their actual launch vehicle and the structures they're using are not composite structures like they will use on the flight vehicles and they don't actually have any upper stage hardware yet buying on these missions so there's a lot missing from these tests launched but you know this is kind of a push that vectors been doing in the last year i assume based on their funding round that they just picked up sequoia capital just with some other funds invested twenty one million and vector surrounding their previous launch so they've been making a lot of noise to raise that round of funding and i think they need to do some of these tests launches to get the pr headlines that they needed and honestly to make it look like they're not as far behind as they are two rocket lab virgin orbit they are significantly far far behind these two companies they are still flying you know basically i don't even really no they're not they're not early test flights but their component tests i would say they're testing the airframe and it's you know air dynamic properties in some guidance things and things like that but they have not yet flown a lot of the things that they will need to to actually pull off their vector our initial version of the rocket there.

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