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As a way to get my foot in the door i got my room in the castle by starting out as a referee in ring crew. And all those things. So jerry was jerry that good reference brother and jerry was very talented. I mean he's a german l. research. Jerry had a lot of fire. So we're talking about that but nonetheless It's funny how they all got. Everybody got their found their way into mcgurk offices territory and leeway at a special places heart for us. Sochi's mcgurk was from tulsa. He's the former national champion. At guess where oklahoma state so is is quite the intertwining and intermingling of contacts and so forth that got us all together through that same conduit or they call the transfer portal. That's right yeah. I think we're all the same portal so it was cool. Hey so the. The briscoes are part native american. But they were never booked the way you would see a wa who mcdaniel or chief jay strongbow or a taco. Why do you think that is it. Feels like in that era of wrestling especially promoters have just jumped all over that that was risk choice. Good yeah they wanna stereotype their native american heritage with a native american headdress and all the typical native american attire They were proud native. Americans there in the i think they're in the I went to their when they were inducted into the hall of fame. They're here in oklahoma. I think it's trying to think what tribe there and i'm a cherokee and their Maybe chop chickasaw chickasaw. There you go. yeah chickasaw. And they're are their honored members the chickasaw nation plaques and things like that down here in oklahoma. I think it's ada. I drove down for their induction. Kind kinda cool. All the family was there now. It's a big deal to be recognized by your tribe your people and so that was. That was the deal. They had great. They have great pride in their heritage but they didn't want to exploit it. They wanted to the all the announcers. Gordon selling everybody you know. They'll say you know. These guys are native. Americans and i think they're like three quarter. I don't their full blood. They might be. I never did ask jerry. That but i knew he was proud of his heritage and that was her choice. Not to be stereotype like wa- who for example. Well we know. Jack is going to become one of the biggest stars in wrestling including becoming the world champion. But as far as his brother jerry goes boy they had some legendary feuds with the funk brothers explaining to our listeners who might not know anything about the brisk in the fox. I mean at the end of the day. This is like a college football. Rivalry almost texas versus oklahoma right without a doubt and that texas oklahoma row orie was real when they will go to wrestle. Young young ty young period of time Whenever young trying to say they go to the amarillo territory. And jerry will tongue-in-cheek said. We'll say well. Every time we went to amarillo the man oh man funk of beat beater ass but that was far this charm because when the before they're all champions to the funk's game to report from mcgurk which is not that often they did they honors. So that's that rivalry betrayed oklahoma. Texas was real. It's just football rivalry the second saturday not tober in in the cotton. Molin dallas more than that. That's how we all grew up. And so they took a lot of pride in that and of course. The old story of dory got hurt allegedly in a car. A pickup truck accident. Run talk about that. And he was supposed to drop the title to jack it houston and that income off because dory was unable to do perform because the accident and then and only if you're listening briscoe side of the story. They think that accident was not as serious as it was made to be. Caused missed the. Oh man font did not one of his sons to lose the title in texas to an okie may sound really stupid. The fans listening right now. That can't be let us. This out was right so that was the story there. There was and they had that great rivalry that they parlayed into money for decades. That briscoe rivalry was huge is so so tickets Everywhere every territory they went whether it was an atlanta or florida or the carolinas Wherever it was they they made the promoters money and then the consequently they've made money out of it as well so that. Oh you texas thing was real in the world of the fox friscos. I want to mention Nineteen seventy-three jack. Gerald and one of the non wrestling brothers. Bill opens up the briscoe brothers body shop. Which of course. If you're watching and the attitude era you remember Did you ever do any business with the body shop. And how common was it back in the seventies for wrestlers to start to plan maybe an out of the ring business to count on once their in ring days are over. It was his comments that as it should have been connie because a lot of guys thought they're making good money and that money will never end right and that that's the case today. A lot of guys you know you ask somebody young kids. What do you want to do as your as your career moose forward And this. I don't know this is all i'll ever wanted to do so that you can very one dimensional and what i always realize my signed somebody at their only goal is to be a wrestling star and that was that was that was her whole hand. They're going all in firsthand all in then. I would keep an eye on that scenario because then all of a sudden when you don't make it to the main event level or you're not making the money that you perceive that you should be making. Are you wanna make our need to make you would You know you you start doing making mistakes. You start taking shortcuts..

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