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PM Craig della more newsradio one oh five point nine FM president trump is healing the latest jobs report while slamming the nation's central bank the president's pleasantly surprised to see employers added two hundred twenty four thousand jobs last month those were really unexpectedly good and says things could be even better with lower interest rates we don't have a bed that knows what they're doing so it's one of those little things but we had a bad that would lower rate you would have a rocket he's repeatedly blasted the central bank for it not cutting rates and the strong hiring report lessens the case for the fed to do it this month soccer mad Connie at the White House authorities in the Bahamas say seven Americans have been killed in a helicopter crash police in the Bahamas see a helicopter flying from big green K. island of fort Lauderdale Florida has crashed killing seven Americans on board the royal Bahamas police force as the cause of yesterday's incident that claimed the lives of four women and three men happen to miles off grand Kay and is under investigation by law enforcement and civil aviation authorities I met small WBBM news time eight thirty four talks in Moscow between NATO and Russia are at a standstill over a major Cold War era missile treaty NATO secretary general Gen Stoltenberg says that Russia is going against the treaty by not destroying missiles no we didn't see any sign of Russia being willing to come back into compliance with the on that for a treaty the pack is set to expire next month a group of immigrant workers who were fired from president trump's golf clubs want to meet with him at the White House the twenty one needs grounds keepers and others were fired this year for not having proper working papers they wrote a letter to president trump this week asking him to remember their years of hard work the White House.

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