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P.'s at Charles de Ledesma reports there is a big condition America must stop selling arms to its Gulf allies Mohammad Javad Zarif's comments came in an NBC news interview that aired on Monday night Zarif said American weaponry is going into our region I make all region ready to explode so if they the US want to talk about how missiles they need first to stop sending all these weapons Iran has long maintained its ballistic missile program under the control of its revolutionary god is for defensive purposes only the twenty fifteen you create deal that Tehran struck with well plows did not include the program I'm Charles so that's my new rules on those seeking asylum in the US will put vulnerable families at risk a piece of Charles de Ledesma reports that from the U. when refugee agency which says it's deeply concerned about new restriction U. N. H. C. all says of the rule expected to become effective immediately would end all a sauna protections for most migrants who arrived at the U. S. Mexico border I'm threatens the right to refugees not to be sent back to countries where they could face persecution the refugee group says too many refugees fleeing violence on public take in Central America would be affected experts think the new rule is certain to face legal challenges I'm Charles de Ledesma Democrats raise some big money in the second quarter reassuring some of the party will be up for taking on president trump but is AP's been Thomas reports some candidates so absurd taking your head they haven't raised as much as president trump's reelection has but together the top five fundraisers among the democratic presidential candidates have come close booted judge brought in a staggering twenty four point eight million to leave the field followed by Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders and Kamel Harris but then there's a drop off and while Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar each pulled in around four million their totals declined and better o'rourke took a big hit dropping from nine point three million raised in the first quarter to three point six in the second Ben Thomas Washington eighteen radio news I met Donna president trump is not backing off his.

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