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Yeah, you could be independent if you have electric City and a working elevator. The residents who are housed in the warehouse have been moved into other facilities. We have a crash on the 405 in Inglewood. This time, it's the South downside of the four or five just past the one Oh five multi vehicle injury wreck all in the left lane, and even beyond that, traffic stays slow down to the 605. On that four or five South, Um King if I and the sky sponsored by injury, attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Michael Brian, checking out some things in East la Yes. In the 60 eastbound. It is a tough one, starting right out of East L, a interchange that breaks most of the way through Montebello out towards Paramount. It loosens up fit for a few miles back on the breaks out of Hacienda Heights on and off to a problem working on the merge with the 57 led around Grant, their in diamond bar. Looks like they're just clearing out of lanes. It's also going to be adding to slowing of the North 57 tight squeeze there on that orange free way back before Diamond Bar Boulevard just coming out of Orange County, and it looks like the East Outside of the 10. You've got lots of soiling from Cloverfield out of downtown Santa Monica. Into downtown Los Angeles introduced an accident. There's a superwoman super lawyer dot com. Michael Brian KF eye in the sky, and they're still working on this roll over Crash 7 10 north Beyond before the 91. It's in the right lane traffic stop and go back from PICO Avenue Kft and the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Will Coal Shriver. This hour of CFI is brought to you by son Lux, your best value in solar for all your energy needs son, lux dot com. It's getting hotter. We'll talk about that. Next life is full of surprises. And one of the worst surprises is when you get into an accident and you're hurt. And that's where our friends at sweet James Accident attorneys come in. Hey, you see, personal injury is the only thing sweet James does. They've helped thousands of listeners just like you get the medical treatment you need. And they've recovered millions.

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