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Beautiful our wonderful American dream what not going to let our country ever go down the route of socialism the president also ripped the Democrat leaders of major big cities he says they're failed leadership is created the mess of crime and homelessness the group behind a lawsuit over construction at the Y. in Oak Hill is proposing an alternative bill bunch would save our springs tells fox seven the alternative is called livable kill it does not involve lowering the roadway and includes fewer lanes than the current textile plant there's just a better way that we can move traffic through the why for less money and less harm to the community that'll the plan also includes a two lane bypass and an expansion of parkland get ready for more delays this weekend on one eighty three at I thirty five missile impact southbound one eighty three I thirty five our crews will be hanging massive steel beams for new flyover tech stocks Diane Hodges says starting at nine tonight you'll be diverted off the mainland will either have to take the flyover to I thirty five south of travel to to ninety east to take that fly over to go back over and catch up with one eighty three where it intersects with two ninety closures will impact the frontage roads as well weather permitting the one eighty three southbound lanes will re open five AM Monday Eric like of newsradio kale BJ six thirty three here's Austin's on time traffic with Patrick Osborne and we are starting to see some delays in the usual areas there on your major roadways I thirty five mopac to ninety three sixty and one eighty three got a couple of wrecks reported out there one downtown fort and personalities another one near the Austin's airport right arm presidential not far from the pick up drop off location and then also looking pretty good for you Friday morning commute Patrick Osborne with us is on time traffic.

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