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What do you where the broncos go from here were they i think you have to i think you have to look at your silvana sleep like from the front office down jonah was my teammate love john elway you look at what they have drafted in what they assembled talent wise on the opposite side of the ball it it's not good but they they have not been able to find an offense of wine or offense of lying combination that can actually block people k they're receiving corps i mean damaris thomas at one point was a an elite wide receiver he's not anymore can't beat one on one coverage consistently is not physically dominant they don't have a third wide receiver they can separate that threatens anybody in the middle of the football field they don't have a tight end that they can line up in and beat man demand coverage against linebackers um there are certainly not have a quarterback the can play are a mess and then you know you you keep changing coaching staff like continuities import you keep changing coaching staff like that's going to make your personnel better the personnel that you've put you look at john elway's track record drafting off its of players just look at the first three rounds ming cody latimer's a bust higher men third rounder tied in bust uh pacts than lynch is a first rounder that that can't beat out trevor simeon two years in a row that brock osweiler seems to be a better answer four.

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