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The outage or being evacuated her sister junior Katie Simpson said earlier in the week they weren't spending much time outside she's worried about her school work probably have to make a lot of I don't know how we're going to do that I think is just gonna be a lot of extra work load so yeah thank you for that senior no Silverstein is been keeping busy volunteering and thinking about the future working on college applications free week what else was also there are many who live here this is the third year in a row of smoke or fire related shut down so some kids will have other things in school on their minds as they deal with stress anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder in Santa Rosa Margie Shafer KCBS after a harrowing week of evacuations power outages in wild fire threats some residents of the cinema county town of Windsor raised a glass Halloween night KCBS is Curtis Kim says one local brew pub welcomed everyone back with the happy hour call it a barometer of things getting back to normal after being shut down for four and a half days because of a mandatory evacuation the Russian river brewing company in winter finally reopened its doors with the happy hour we are able to pour beer Lotto locals happy to be here you know we went when happy hour style and you know we're we're thrilled that first responders were able to you know literally save the town of Windsor that's owner of any to leave a says residents really needed this folks are really happy to just just be getting home and start some sort of normalcy you know unfortunately we all went through this a couple years ago with the fires and so we're getting a little too good at it John Reilly Olivers market says they hope to open the windows store soon but they lost a locked door perishables were had no refrigeration for the time while we were closed yeah it was challenging for all of us not only was it county.

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