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Of that thing because that at things in the news right now and you have a kid and everything i get that but it by knicks first amendment question if someone says i'm gonna fuck you up tomorrow that is also a threat threat of violence so is that okay to arrest nana terrace charge but just for bad. How far are you gonna take the mother but it's it's a salt all in certain right but i'm just saying where you're asking what we should do. It's like i don't know i think the more reasonable thing is to go video game. Shit talking is pretty much seems abstract unless someone's actually done anything to indicate that there really about to go do something ruin fucking fourteen year old kids life over this shed fifteen fifty rape. This is like the mother should have just said he did what and just start ever have a pull them over. You're saying let's borrow that club. Yeah just like beat the car. I think he's learned she's like i just saved your life. How stay he down. Sam breaks his kitchen. You know okay here. You know we're selling oh you legal. Iguanas aren't great ron tropical fish form. It's okay it's luck. When did these guys take off then. I must say hours ago jeez as we've been rolling out of there <hes> i <hes> you brought up this video. J say what happened what these kids on snapchat illinois teens saying that brings slavery back. This is kind of goes to what i was just coming back. I'm blown away. How people don't see this coming in a coming back though i think when you feel when you're in this country yeah that you're just like your world is just so small that you couldn't possibly see this going anywhere but it's just a have yourself documented all saying these tips sheddings trying to impress. It's weird loose. Thomas miss girl at the school that they're really trying to like snapchat snapchat anonymity but they're saying what would forty second. Can you say a terribly racist thing or something awful and then you just like that can go out there to the entire world. It's funny because we're going up the hills of the story about this kid. It's like yeah kids. Just say dumb shit yeah yeah. They're t whatever it is funny and you know. They don't realize that it's going to be out there forever. Maybe they do get angry and fickle and they wanna sandbag each other's. They don't even realize when they'll put shit out like that. No major crimes realize it'll be out there but they don't like their teenagers so when you're a teenager world who've retarded you get what that actually means kill themselves because they don't understand that there are actually going to die yeah on my mom's going. It'd be so sorry for what she said then their brains they make dumb decisions. Make me go to summer school. I don't i want to be an after school bowling league in retrospect. I wish you would have dropped out of high school. You really no reason well yeah but you don't think just for for not even like yourself as the kid who dropped out of high school. There was something beneficial to you. Just being like all right. I at least like past that level what i should have done. Was this young enough to roll with the system. I think getting through school but you've done that that year. Well no what i should've done. I should have dropped out of high school at shot high school and then i should have gone to rocking community in college and <hes> you take college courses while you get your g._d. And then by the time everyone was high school. I have my associates degree and then use that to get real lewis u._s. In college for a week and a half for rent as you're getting you're being a lifeguard and learn you gotta swim learn while doing graduate college. I was.

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