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And so Tom We're making the turn and Tom Starts. Like. Give me a pep. Talk like the very serious like you know. Come on, let's get. Let's get going here and. And out I'm never really won the to pep talks general but I just Kinda was like you know Tom. It's Tuesday man. You know like. I could tell that was not not the answer that He. Wanted and I did a I did play better on on the back nine, but. I think Tom Nine and I have a I have a ton of respect for Tom and don't have a bad relationship with him with him at all, but he's just a very is very different mentality than me I'm more laid back just kind of trying to take it as it comes and and Tom more of A. Go Getter. Type of mentality make it happen I. Remember later that week, so I think that's I think that's my best finish. In a major my career billions nineteenth so I was going to the I. T on. Sunday and Tom was finishing on Sunday and he walks by me. And can tell you know we're on like one of those little skybridge things that they build out there to go over the crowd. Song. He knows that I'm going to the I. T and he just looks at me like I've got three heads. Likey mean after my performance on Tuesday clearly thought there was. Like, where are you lost like you can't? You can't be going to tee off now. And, then obviously I didn't. I didn't get picked for the for the Ryder. Cup that year, and so, who knows if that that experience that week headed had anything to. Do with it or not, but it's It's water under the bridge. I'm not I'm not worried about it well that year to was I mean you finish up finished? You Win in the Bank in Boston and there was your second one of the year that ll leaps you into I and the fedexcup standings and you end up finishing second, but the picks. Picks for made so early that Horsham. Obviously, it went on that run finished second I I and he didn't make the team because it was too late. Do you think that things could have potentially changed if the if they've made picks after the tour championship which they end up adjusting it after that? Do you think you would have had any better chance? Yeah, I, mean they definitely change change? When they made the pigs because of that year, and they made the picks right after Boston. And I'd had a had a solid year in just one week, but I mean I understand that you know Tom. It's not gonNA. Not GonNa. Make pick based off of that that one week That it obviously if they make the picks after the tour championship Played played well finished fourth tour championship billy won the last two to fedexcup events, so yeah I think that if if the picks are made after the tour championship than certainly billy and most likely myself, would have been picked for that team. There's nothing that that any of us can can do about it now. Obviously, and not something obvious I would. I would love to have been a part of that team, but it's not something that I really had any any control over, so you know I was just. Happy that made, but let a cashless those few weeks. Well, these are words, not yours, but maybe it's a reflection of how well that team did that Some decisions were potentially made off of some text messages that were sent, and also a contributing factor been Tuesday practice round at the British Open. So that boatload of cash, she finished. You make three million dollars for finishing second, but you're after you after you launch yourself into first place. In, the Fedex and I asked him about this, too, because he was in the situation I think in two thousand eleven and he he admitted like there's just no way to avoid thinking about it, but how how different is pressure of playing for potentially ten million dollars compared to you know when you go. T it up in an event like you. It's more about you know the competition. The guys are really driven by. By the competition of a single event. How do you avoid the you know the care at the end of the rope? That is the ten million dollar prize when you're sitting at the top of the standings. Yeah I, think I think mentally. It was made easier for me. The fact that billy was playing so well in the tour championship, and that he was second going into it so once he kinda got out. To the lead it was it became very clear. Cut had to try to to beat him to win. You know if the guys that were young. He coming in the week he was second Roy was third. I don't really remember after that, but if those guys are laying an egg and not playing well, then you've got all sorts of different variables in scenarios that can that can play out, but in in that situation it was very very clear cut. This is another thing that I've that I've told some people and. Gives me a a much more clear. When 'cause it's easy, you know, say Sunday you're you've made the cut? You're not playing very well. You just Kinda. You can. Some guys can kind of pack it in or whatever and not really care. But that year I was number one going into the tour championship over. Billy Horseshoe will buy a half of a half of a point after the BMW the third playoff. event. And so obviously that half that half of a point in a reset, the point Sonam had by by two fifty..

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