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And i didn't get any facetime with him but i did hear someone say this guy's a fucking stupid so i figure. I figured that they didn't want to talk to. I don't know i had a football game. I need to get ready to coach coach. Jay this is over here now is so rude. You're the first one asked the question the first member of the press. I didn't know where it was going. Oh jay anyways. Let's get the jalen. Though jalen there was a bought a gutter got her out to the right seemed to be like maybe a banana around. It seemed like a- almost like a to. Yeah maybe i don't know but it fuck it dude. Rain and route covered and jalen through an absolute seed. It was a rope. It was the seat. It was right in a spot. The only spotted could have been. Lemme could still run. It was a perfect ball. And i didn't get a chance to really see a lot of the game because i only got to see one of the games here in indiana on nfl network which is twenty twenty one fucking aching. I not watch guy damn game. Come on eight hundred. Thirteen billion dollars was sending. I can't find the steelers eagles game. I don't know why. I wanted to watch because the competition happening in pittsburgh but jalen i think looked very very good in some some aspects. Missed at one ball down the left. There was a drop that affected entire drive. That would have changed everything. But i think jalen looked very good as well last night. So if you're an eagles fan there's probably not a lot to celebrate with the entire roster especially a statue was built a couple of day a couple of years ago but maybe hey maybe things are going here know. Someone who in the past has not been jalen fan. I thought he did. He threw some good ball last night. Even the deep all that he missed to the left I don't even know if that was on him or the wide receiver but now i was kind of impressed by jalen. Okay i'm looking at the stats. I didn't get to watch the whole game here. Jalen hurts three of seven for fifty four yards. Joe flacco tennis. Seventeen hundred seventy eight yards. Td seventy nine yards of that screen. Okay i get in. That was the one touchdown. But that's still ninety nine yards right if you do the math one. Seventy eight seventy nine think is how long it was. So ninety. Nine yards against hurts is fifty four yards seventeen attempts for seven attempts. Why is flacco getting on this extra work instead of jalen hurts. Aj's zip because footsteps flacco potentially going be. You got to keep him fresh. Because you never know when you're going to need the footsteps coming and save the day but hurts only had two series. I think so. He's definitely the star. Feels like right. Yeah that that's what it looks like. There isn't it his relationship with the voluntary as well. Like if devante smith's out there on the left side where he barely overthrew that dude. For the ninety five yard touchdown catch that and things inside too. I think on that particular one buck. The turtle thank the wide receiver. Stack the corner. Which is another food conversation to be. Had on was quarterbacks and wide receivers fault if we are slavsky or trent dilfer well where he threw the ball where the song that should have been seems to always be the way which by the way might be right. Who knows but. I think in real life. It's not as easy as just stack. The guy runs a four to you. Should be able to do that. And then we'll be able to put the ball out there. But i'm plump for a preseason football dan campbell. Mc dc debuts tonight there's way aligns lose aj hawk. I actually saw you guys talking about this. It does seem to make sense right like the line should win. Ninety five one hundred percent off pointing do we know. I wanna say florida's where the first half all four quarters for going to see. I thought i thought. I saw quarterback that'd be wrong fox. It was a quarter. I f- i saw a couple of days. I wanna see goff. I'm excited to watch today. The lions offense play. I'll tell you what i'm excited to. This kind of stuff is smart blood. Boil man. hey what about game day. First time is the head coach for the lines. I guess you are an interim head coach for the dolphins but now that you've become the mascot for all of detroit. Was there a different order of coffee this morning with the first game on the horizon. Absolutely not marin safety big vanity need vanity and then again to to black is a neutral and the need to have it man ratio coach last game out. You watch anything last night to kind of get your head you know right into the right space or no no. I actually just went out back to my patio and slammed my head against the concrete walford sixteen hours reading football man columbus. I don't have any. i'd say. Hey i heard it. I thought i had a question. I do not. Let's get to the flavor and your phone lines. Good luck the lions tonight. All these are betting on the lions. We'd love bills mafia. But this game doesn't count all right. It only counts for one person one city one team and that is mci detroit. Lions preseason team in football own sixteen they want foreign out in the preseason man paul the ravens haven't lost in seventeen preseason games all the way back to twenty fifteen dumping.

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