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Go ahead and going back I. Think the the the approach of of waiting for hot spots to develop you know is is the appropriate response. but at the same time we. Still think we should allow for. The younger generation to get out ingle to help help keep the economy going and and sort of get closer to that her to me, not obviously still take some precautions and wearing a face mask and large public areas, but and not have. No incredibly NASCAR, but right since there is no vaccine, I think the idea that you know shutting down things again and in the casino, your bars and nightclubs are mostly going to be filled with the younger generation. Right you know, and so I thought that. You know out obviously. HOUSTON'S A big hot spot right now, but. I think that we can. We don't need to freak out right now. With all new cases and I guess I'm just Kinda tired. A lot of your. Elective out in the over this without data I'm glad you said that and and being a teacher. Yeah, this is this is relevant to you and thanks very much of the phone. Call that I mean we're. We're worried what what we do and yet some degree there it makes sense it. If all the young people get the virus. And then develop a level of immunity to it. and we've protected the old people from the virus. That way can probably stop spreading the downside there though is while they're still no evidence that that kids transmit it to parents or into older people. There is some evidence that older teens do so. What do you do like Sweden for example young people were going to school. Kids Middle School. Kids would still go to school, but high school kids would not because they can get the virus that it can do damage to them, and they could spread to their parents, so there are still questions out there but I I will say this is Scott Gottlieb of the WHO used to be the head of the FDA said they're all sorts of scientific breakthroughs that are on the verge of coming in the next few months, and that that will help us tremendously. with with what we're looking at that by the time school starts, things will change I'm still hung up on the outrage or the Mascot Conservative Friends of mine in Texas. who were just livid at Governor of Texas for shutting stuff down, and they're convinced that they know more than the government has expertise, and and that's the striking thing to me about all of this or the number of people who have convinced themselves that they know more than the experts, because they read it on the Internet somewhere and I. Just I'm not willing to go that route. Frankly I'm I'm just not willing to go down the path of presuming I know more than the experts. I'm I'M GONNA. Listen to the experts and I assume you will as well. But we're going to have to figure out something for school. You know there are some school districts around the country who are openly talk about that are openly talked about not having school in the fall, and that is going to cause all sorts of problems because the parents need to go to work, and if they're leaving their kids home all year long unsupervised. That's GONNA be a problem for them. Hello there. There, well, let's let's move beyond the Supreme Court. There's actually some polio Georgia keep in mind. Summer polling isn't great for Republicans particularly here in Georgia but the latest poll in Georgia has Joe Biden in the lead against Donald Trump, but all the other Republicans doing well a, and that's one reason you have to take note of Opole like this is when all of the polling out there shows that. That the Republicans are doing well in Georgia, but Donald Trump isn't in the same poll there you can see that there some level of voter angst about the president himself, and not about Republicans in general, which to some degree it could be a saving grace for Republicans, there are a lot of people who are nervous about the nervous about the the polling, and nervous about the president, and and people who like Republicans in identify have long identified as Republicans suddenly not enamored with the president. There's a path for for the GOP post trump, but the president himself does have problems and you could also see a runoff in Georgia, in January with Doug Collins and Kelly Leffler. That appears to be the trend lines I've seen private polling, and now there's some public pulling out there That has Doug Collins and Kelly. Leffler in a run off against each other in January. There's definitely going to be a runoff in Georgia at this point unless Collins. Makes up for the ground and I. Say Collins there. Because Collins is in the lead This is public policy polling, which is a it is a left wing group taking pole, but it's very close to private polling I've seen from very competent pollster of likely voters that Joe Biden is a head of trump by three points in the Senate Collins leads the field with twenty three percent followed by Kelly Leffler twenty one percent Raphael. Warnock at twenty percent Matt Lieberman, and and Ed Tarver Eleven and three percent in the head to head matchup, Collins Beach warnock and then worn out beats leffler. There you have it. We will see how that shapes up overtime now. The legislature has gone home and the Casino Bill failed. And now you've got legislators. Who Were Mad at me? Saying I can't believe you ought to highlight that. We didn't want to pass anyway we'll. Maybe you should have brought it to the four, so he here's what I've been till this. This actually makes me deeply proud of the cynicism of the Georgia legislature. Let me tell you what I was told. That the Republicans had no intention of passing this legislation. And we're perturbed at me. For Daring to raise the issue of the legislation, because they had no intention of passing it, and I gave them a black guy and all they wanted was the money from the casino lobbyists th that they need the casino lobbyists. So there you go ridiculous silly, but nonetheless there you have it so it failed now. What past what pass the hate crimes? Bill obviously passed and the budget passed. Now I need to give you tip off. Be Smarter than everyone else out there on this. The Democrats are bellyaching about the cuts in education. Ten percent cuts in Education Charlie Harper. The George Politics website has pointed out this morning that the school systems in Georgia with with very few exceptions. Almost every school system in Georgia has more money in their reserves. Then, the state legislature took from them. So in other words. They have money in their savings account to cover the losses from the legislature during this downtime, and yet they're bellyaching. The Democratic position of there's.

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