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Yes, mister car. I know who you are. But here at the casino, we do not valet park, tricycles. So on down the road. Somebody said he, he said he goes to Mohegan sun and gets the buffet Twenty-one down in Connecticut and on, on the discount days, it's fifteen bucks. So he called up encore an effort that which is open Sunday, forty eight to fifty two bucks. And he said, so it's easily worth the twelve dollars gas to go down to Mohegan sun. But he forgot to mention the fact that I think parking is free at Mohegan sun parking cost twenty two bucks at encore casino. And if you want to valet park, twenty nine bucks, plus the tech. Trump to send James Taylor old until I read. Negotiated deal. I wonder I wonder who Donald Trump would send over to I wonder who his favorite singer is, it's, it's certainly not James Taylor. We, we can be positive that James Taylor was the dear friend of the shook retiree of St John Forbes live shot Carey, and I believe now they live on the same island. How he I would guess it would be Frank Sinatra because at his inauguration, he danced to my way. But Frank Sinatra's not coming down for breakfast out, great. So I can't really neither is Frank Sinatra junior. Yeah. Ed remember, too? They, they said that Nancy Sinatra had was angry because they were playing the Frank Sinatra tunes at the inauguration, it she had to she had to make make a statement. I, I don't know if you tax that are tweeted and said, so why, why are you all you fake news? People making up this stuff. I got no problems whatsoever with the president of the United night. Trump were kind of chummy. Yeah. They, they ran in the same circle in New York. Right, right. They. Yeah. They the, the bent nosed circle in some cases, you know, I mean, they dealt with them under different circumstances, but they knew some of the same people. The Trump line is brought to you every weekday at this time by Matthews brothers, America's oldest window manufacturer this week, saluting Delta Airlines for standing up to the social Justice warriors by refusing to boycott Georgia. Of course, the fact that they're headquartered in Atlanta may have influenced this decision more than somewhat but still you have to take your victories, where you can find them. Coming out of the shadows, can somebody tells us son to come out of the shadows. Tell me about it. We were hoping it was going to come out tonight for for a little time. But I guess, I guess they say the weekend is going to be okay here in Boston. So Donald Trump wants war with Iran. He sure has a funny way shown it by calling off the strike. Somebody says he's going to send kid rock over there. Get rock is one of his guys wasn't he running for the Senate last year. They it ended up. John James was the Republican candidate. Many Greenwood is the other one. Yeah. That'd be that'd be that'd be a good one. He's got plenty of people. He could rank he'd send Paul Anka instead of Sinatra. He was going to have Paul Anka is inauguration. Paul Anka's, kind of short, though, isn't he so? Don't you need someone who's going to go over there? And. Of John Wayne, pipe stature, height wise I may. Ted Nugent, someone suggests that would be that would be good..

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