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Book Moby Dick because it was the cheapest one the emoji ten thousand sentences were translated from English to emoji. So I'm losing one to nothing one to nothing, but there are weeks to go. This is not fun. I couldn't get you like little airplane wings. I'm terrified. Right now. Who's gonna fly the plane? Well, that's an interesting question because it better not be him now because. Not very, no. Well, we don't want. If you don't like Barry have you seen das- hot girlfriend? She's a pilot. And also, where's the Juliana? There's truly on. She says she take you out. I'll take Juliana Overbury any day. He's too worried about jokes. She'll cherish. All right Juliana. We are listing your help and Juliana Julie. How many times you've been in the air? Julia. Experience about twelve twelve times. All right, man. We will open it up to a little bit more options. We don't have to decide today. We've got tons of time gives you a week brand new or not true. You're going down. Hey, did you hear the news about the twenty seven year old teacher who's caught molesting a thirteen year old boy in her class? I mean think about that the teacher who you trust takes advantage of your child. We thank God for his parents. They monitored his phone using app. That's how the parents knew that this wacko teacher was sending their son sexy messages. It's really sad. This predator change this young.

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