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Massachusetts residents of three communities north of Boston spent the night evacuated from their homes. Have to receivers of natural gas explosions. Police say they counted at least seventy of them nearly forty homes caught fire the explosions left one person dead at least ten injured. Fire officials say they still don't know what triggered them in Lawrence Andover and north Andover. Where Andrew mayor is the town manager there is a tech from Columbia gas accompanying a police officer firefighter in each of the communities going from home to home for those houses have been impacted. This is NPR news from Washington. This is WNYC from New York. Good morning. I'm Richard Hake. Six thirty one sixty nine degrees, overcast right now, there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms today. Governor Cuomo easily beat back a challenge from activists Cynthia Nixon in a close race for governor Lieutenant governor Kathy HOGAN won the nomination over city councilman Jimani Williams and New York City public advocate Letitia James won the democratic nomination crowded race for new York Attorney General making her the first black woman to win a major party bid in a state. We're gonna have much more on the racist. Coming up voter turnout in yesterday's primary was more than double what it was in the primary elections for years ago. Twenty three percent registered Democrats turned up at the polls across the state in may not sound like a lot of back in two thousand fourteen just ten percent of registered Democrats went to the polls. And the civil rights group says it will investigate weather New York City's board of elections improperly purged voters once again, the lawyers committee for civil rights under law sued the city board of elections twenty sixteen after WNYC reported that more than one hundred thousand Brooklyn voters were wrongly removed from the rolls, Laura. Grace monitors. Elections for the group and says they've had dozens of reports voters having trouble at the polls during the primaries. She says the problems are a red flag, especially since some of the people reporting issues the polls yesterday voted in the congressional primaries. Earlier this year, it's really important that the board of elections gets to the bottom of this and is transparent about what the causes of these problems are in what they're doing to prevent it in the future. The city board of elections has not responded to a request for comment. Well, there's good news for the region and the latest census figures stumbled, you've NYC's Morella, I've arrack has that the number of New York City residents living below the poverty line decreased for the third consecutive year. Dropping to eighteen percent down nearly a percentage point compared to two thousand sixteen Nancy Rankin. Vice president at the community services society says job growth in increases in the minimum wage contributed to this we improving Tommy has finally led to a return to poverty. Rates below what they were in two thousand and seven before the great recession. Median household income increased slightly to reach sixty one thousand dollars poverty levels, also declined for New York state and in New Jersey,.

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