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My producers always towns Malabon coming up on this week's episode two segments first up, and then Burke, and Mike Lombardi they are now co hosting a new podcast called the G M shuffle. That podcast is a cadence thirteen podcasts the same podcast company that does mind so little bit of crossover here as the cadence thirteen people much like the godfather may be an offer I couldn't refuse so Adnan Virk and Mike Lombardi coming up in the first segment and -nology. We talked about this podcast, but we get into Adnan being fired by SPN his thoughts on this. And think you're going to be interested in what he has to say we follow that up with John rand. He is a regular on this podcast from the sports media journal and sports media daily. They're fine media reporter the conversation. There is about ABC and trying to be a player when it comes to the upcoming NFL packages will. ABC get a Super Bowl. That's very very interesting story in sports media. We also talk about the CBS WNBA deal CBS and CBS sports network will now air forty WNBA games. Very good deal. I think for both John gets into the reporting that he's done on Sinclair who as we tape. This are the leaders in the bids for the FOX branded RSN's, and then we finish up with Abigail. Disney's comments on Bye-bye and corporate compensation at Disney, and how ESPN is who were laid off over the last couple years would feel about seeing Bob Eiger pulling down, you know, sixty plus million dollars in compensation single year. So at Virk, Michael bardy Johnno rant coming up on the sports me podcast. All right. Adnan Virk and Mike. Lombardi are co hosting a new podcast. It is called the GM. Shuffle..

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