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You're on this season. We are loving you but my question is for the iconic. Ms kathy hilton. Has it been hard to maintain a friendship with a vp given her very public falling out with kyle. You know sitting right here. Truthfully i don't i'm she's so busy you know she so i'll look and she does work for mr cohen. Andrew is so. I don't get a chance to see her and i mean i do have to say when she did say that. Kyle's should keep her new little nose out of her business. I was kind of like maybe feel a little bad. Because kyle always wanted just to have things good and i don't know what's going on by the way You said you were saying the commercial break and then we came back into the show that paris. Just give you a new nickname. What is it yes. We'll i think. Paris and nicky kind of did it together okay. They were laughing. And we're usually the ones with the dictionary making up names and everything. So they decided to call me the iggy and then paris they said nicky said the i g the instant goat and then perez said the institute. What did she again after. The igniter okay. So i'm the idea. Okay.

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