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I'm thinking that maybe samsung had already installed google photos because you don't remember it stalling the only issue would be maybe it's not wasn't ever setup to backup your photos but try going to your google account on the web your google photos on the web and see if there yeah let's cross and there is if you go to your google photos app and you go to that the hamburger menu at three line menu on the left there is a trash can there too so photos that have been deleted stay there for two months so you may even have him still on your phone i do i have a ton of deletes photos on my phone that on the phone i couldn't so i'm headed to my pc that see if i can get that way yeah yeah what i mean there may be ways to recover the them on the phone media but i i wouldn't hold out a lot of hope looking looking google photos and on the web but also in google photos itself in the trash can i don't remember samsung photos which is the default the gallery if that if that also has a trash can but that would be worth checking as well yet doesn't look like it let's see now it doesn't any deletions there are media but they should there's you've got a copy almost certainly okay all right okay thanks bye bye bye yeah so sorry heather heather still having trouble in heather in montana getting it working to play on the group and.

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