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Photos of WTO P dot com search telescope. The Montgomery county council is considering a change to the county charter that would clear up the approval process for completing ballot questions Bethesda beat reports the first recommendation would clarify that when there are two competing ballot questions seeking to change the charter, assuming they both get more than 50% approval, the one that gets the most votes would be implemented. Current law says when two or more competing ballot questions get more than 50% of the vote, they automatically fail. The council is also considering a county charter amendment that would give the council more power to fire the county attorney if the council approves the amendments that will appear on the November general election ballot. Plastic pollution from releasing balloons can harm wildlife in the environment. And with weekend festivals all summer long, we are reminded that balloon releases are illegal in both Virginia and Maryland, unless you're using biodegradable balloons. Reminding people ahead of a big festival this weekend at Smith mountain Lake, Virginia's department of wildlife resources is releasing balloons is prohibited. It's ready to enforce the law finds cost 25 bucks per balloon. Maryland also bans balloon releases, but suggests alternatives such as bubbles, kites, or tossing eco friendly confetti, such as birdseed, flower petals or dried leaves. In Delaware releasing four or fewer balloons is considered littering with a fine of at least $25, 5 or more balloons can cost 250 bucks. Christy king WTO P news. A lot of kids love summer camp and some local campers are getting a chance to do something they've never done before. A

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