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Three goals I'm Christiane WTP sports three forty six daylight saving time Hey it's read a counselor ladies forget everything you think you know about gynecologic surgery forget visible scars forget high risks of complications forget long painful recovery times the center for innovative G. Y. N. care specialists develop groundbreaking minimally invasive techniques to improve the lives of women not just treat a condition that is the C. I. G. C. difference their exclusive procedures treat fibroids endometriosis pelvic pain or abnormal bleeding all in an outpatient setting at C. I G. C. women return home this same day and recover faster than even standard laparoscopic or robotic surgery the advanced C. I. G. C. specialists help women return to their lives sooner with less pain forget what you think you know women who were told that more invasive open or robotic surgeries were their only option find hope it C. I. G. C. discover why women travel from around the world for the C. I. G. C. difference book a consultation at innovative G. Y. N. dot com or call eight eight eight surgery that's innovative G. Y. N. dot com or eight eight eight surgery for nine years Ben's run has raised nearly seven hundred fifty thousand dollars to support critical research at children's national and improve the treatment of children with cancer on Saturday April twenty fifth runners will join bands run at Stonegate elementary in Silver Spring for the tenth and final run of the race to a million dollars events include a five K. run a five miler and a one mile fun run walk along with an onsite silent auction and food trucks registration and online fundraising information at Ben's run dot org it's three forty eight daylight saving time traffic and weather.

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