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You say that you know that That's the maid that Z not that's not a good one. He's got phenomenal stuff, and he looked pretty good last night, but you could tell Before that before he had to leave. He was didn't look terribly comfortable that something was building in there. So so, I mean, you know good. I mean, The Giants needed Dodgers to be in trouble. They need him to be struggling. They needed like oxygen. And you know, the Padres might wind up with a 45 game lead if this continues It's going to be an interesting month of May, only the second month of the season. We have to adjust our sights here. This is not last year with the 60 game season this we're gonna be talking about this in September. And this is what a baseball season's all about looking at the Giants a little bit Bruce Posey, 3 59 Longoria to 84. He's They walked him three times. I think last night pitched around him. At some point and I realize your straps keys out and Solano's out there too productive hitters, But it's some point. Some of these other people have got to pick it up. And I'm talking about Slater and even rough and belt and Flores and Bone and less Stella. At some point, the veterans need a little bit of help without question and all those guys you mentioned. You know, you can't really count on them being around to 90 or 3 10 and in in a couple of months, I mean, you know, Dubonnet. It looks great. I mean, he was he had some tough luck. Early on. His average was terrible, but he was hitting the ball pretty given last night, he jumped on a fastball from smelling and jacket out. You had a nice game at shortstop to, um, let's tell it looks kind of lost right now. I think he's like some, like three for 26. You don't think that continues, Uhm Which is all these guys mean, Flores is miss a better hitter. I think that he's shown overall, Um Posey, because shown enough, Posey hit a This always bugged me. Marty, hit a ball right up the middle. Okay, base hit. Here we go. And then there's a shift. It shift was there, crone and we're standing there and he throws him out. Of course. It's a good idea. Good ship that just bugs the hell out of me. When somebody does. Something has fundamentally sound and should be rewarding as a party it ball up the middle, and there's somebody standing there. Well, you've been thought your whole life to take them when you want to get hit, Hit the ball up the middle your whole life and look, He's a 34 year old pro. Whatever it is going to be a Hall of Famer, and you're right. He did what he's been taught his whole life. And there's Cronin worth standing there. Really? Yeah, you know, base like baseball season. It's an entertainment game, and then my feeling is they will do something about the shift. I think they will do it. I really did think so, too. It it just It hurts the games entertainment value it's and that's the kind of a bottom line argument for me. I mean, I certainly wouldn't mind it. You know, I've always think in all sports, you should be able to play any defense you want. But, um, you know, in this case, it's just either Let the left handed full hitters who don't run that. Well, I really Really hurting, Um, you know, Jay Bruce retired recently and then it was said that it was the shift kind of did him in. He'd been around for a long time. He had a nice career, but he reached the point where he just, you know, you know, you can tell a guy like that, you know, go to left field, but that's that's not him. He's not a soft single the left there a bunt single down the line, he said. Double up the alley, You know, sharp single through the infield, and then you take all that away. I just I think it hurts the game. It hurts. Is the fans enjoyment of the game? It does. There's no question about it takes away rallies. That's the way hits and runs and steals and going first to third and all that, and that's what they realize that they want to have back. Ron Walters said that an interesting thing last night Bruce and they commented it on the padre broadcast, and that is The Empire was getting into a chirping contest with the Giants bench and WHOA! Got in the line of sight of the third base umpire so he couldn't see in the dugout to see who was yelling at him. Veteran move was great. There was a very quick story. It was the late for member Daria loaded, Johnny and Yeah, your speech Good. Yeah, Wonderful man, and that played in the big leagues and the played in the early forties and was a coach in the forties. The White Sox. And he told me that that forget the empire's name. Let's say Jones, perhaps, but Ah got into such a beef with the White Sox bench and he couldn't tell who was yelling at him. That he kicked the whole bench out on. They didn't go into the clubhouse and they could come out one by one if they were needed in the game. She's great baseball story there, uh, that last night with a lot of yet you're going all of you going the clubhouse? You can't be here anymore. That was it. E Love it. That's baseball. All right, uh, the Pioneer League. Of course, you know, they did away with so many minor league teams. Now baseball runs all these minor leagues. Well, the pioneer Pioneer League has come up with a new idea for extra innings. They don't want to put their runner on second. They want to have a home run derby, and each team will pick one player gets five pitches and whoever hits the most home runs, though, wins the game. Well, it works once able idea. It's terrible on every level may not even work once for me, I mean, what the hell Whether we're with the word the game go, you know? Well, that's that's the latest. Yeah, and you know they've done away with so many minor league cities and also sort of the names of the league's too And this is gonna be weird. The minor league baseball starts on Monday. This is going to be different to get results and and see players playing in the minor leagues. I can't wait to see it. Yeah, well, it's ah John, say, uh, published you know, a list of who's gonna go where and in the Giants case. I think it's zoo. Really interesting. I mean, triple A's. They're gonna have Joey Bart there, but I mean, you go all the way down the low A Santos say he's talking about Luciano and the great outfield prospects, Canario and least mottoes and Louise to re beyond infielder that they really like. And you know, that's a pretty pretty loaded group for furlough A and then you get upto the Eugene They're gonna have Patrick Bailey and under bishop and will Wilson easier. All guys I would love to see I mean, I just wish you know we're in such a modern age that there would be some kind of streamlined process where somebody all they're doing is is they're filming the games and they're putting together a highlight packages and you wake up in the morning. You can see a highlight package of of all your teams and what they did last night. You know, not nicely packaged. This should not should not be that hard to do. Somebody's going to do it. I think that would be a great thing. It's a good idea for Mario Allione. Oh, um, yeah, to do that for the Giants, and it would be a great way to do it by by giant tickets are on sale. I got a text Samaria yesterday only for all the home games through the Dodgers. Syriza in May. And now, Bruce, you've seen it. Now they have a fully vaccinated section and ah, socially distant section and all that The Giants have done this really well and now they're going to get the okay to expand it a little bit, too. You think attendance is going to pick up quickly? I'm not so sure. I think you know this thing is obviously not over, you know, and I'm fully vaccinated. So is my wife and we haven't changed our behavior at all because you know the way variants are spreading around. When we have a daughter up up in Oregon. It's cool there. There's a total total search going on up there and also the state of Washington. The variants are a wild wild card. And you know it, Z. Not so much a matter of you're going to get sick and die..

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