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Dave wilson is very close to ten thousand right dave however thousand yeah keep those numbers gone up absolutely there are lots of people who see this every day i mean somebody like chris aleman over at the cows stirs yvonne malysz then if it's good enough for embassy should be good enough for you 11000 everybody let's get to eleven thousand with this charter that day dave wilson bloomberg stocks editor this is one of our most red stories on the bloomberg today after decades of hinting warren buffett seems to have an heirapparent are no abhu higher follows all things warren buffett here at bloomberg news and he joins us from our seattle bureau i love this story featured in bloomberg business week this week as well noah know they've been very secretive but what do we know about who might possibly takeover for warren buffett now that he's looking to leave anytime soon really what the article argue that it you know if you if you talk to investors in in in some other folks who were who follow berkshire closely or close to the company the name it keeps on coming up uh he's greg able the head of the energy business at birth her they run utilities around north america they also have um some business in the uk but uh really starting to check czech law the boxes buffet while he hasn't named who his successor is the ceo he's he's really laid out the criteria and as people stay the situation the they're they're finding middaywe really checks a lot of the boxes he's the right age fifty five he's run a business that's been highly successful for buffet it's business it's been highly acquisitive and that's something the next ios really gonna need to know how to do how to how to.

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