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World Service, Lawrence pelota and Claire McDonnell with you. We're going to take you to Saudi Arabia now thirty seven people have an executed in just one single day. Most of the convicts were beheaded was crucified under seven head exposed on a pole kill sung-man, king Salman ratified executions for terrorism related crimes by Royal decree. The kingdom has one of the highest rates of capital punishment in the world, many human rights organizations. Have condemned. The executions on the grounds that some conventions were tainted through torture, and as you're about to hear some it's ledge were executed simply for protesting simply for exercising democratic right to speak out. Most of those executed were also from the minority. Shia population earlier, I spoke to armored director of the Gulf institute any United States most of the acute individuals. Our share at fifty seven off from the minorities debut, and many of them are among the protest activists that place from two thousand eleven and two sixteen against the pressure in favor of democracy, human rights, you can see many photos of them protesting or giving speeches during protests. According for elected, parliament and freedom of all prisoners and the equality, and so on specially those from the city were me, which is extremely deprived. Many of these young men were college students college bound and some of them were in employed. Some them were professionals as well. When of for example, is Muste Swick who was a young college bound student to go to the United States. He was a student who was an actor. He was a handball player. So these people were really trying to get a better future. But the Saudi monarchy does not want any dissent. So this is a message for anybody who is peaceful. The the most dangerous activists to go to the peaceful activists who are demanding better future. And this mentioned the young man Migita sewing kits. He he had just demonstrated nothing more than that. And this is exactly what they said to. So some of the government just forgot to stick any other charge. And that he said he participated in protests, and I think because they feel confident that they have support from certain countries who will cover this act. They did throw charges of terrorism against the people the charge of Thursday Saudi Arabia is so broad. It includes just opposing the ruling family or the king. You have chef Muhammed Lata a prominent figure. Who lived in Jeddah, a teacher of English and also disclosed and he wanted to start the community for the sheer jet, which is they had hundreds of thousands of Shia, but they have no mosques any community centers that is the charge that he was charged with that that he was starting to have what they call a sectarian gathering because they are Shiites. I you cannot have these things if you are not in a sham agenda, any alternative thinking, he'll tentative voice being clamp down on the most extremely that were charges. And then when you know anything more about this of of killing police officers are amongst this number. I guess the ruling monarchy would say well there where people were protesters, but that play did actually carry out terrorist defenses. Well that some policemen's who were killed. But none of these people were actually linked to any of the policemen's who were there was like three or four over. Period of five six years. They said they fired at the police, but there is no exact information. And let us be clear the Saudi court system isn't apartheid courses to meeting that you have to be a hobby to judge or a prosecutor, no other Saudi citizen Shiite or average to near secular or blacks are allowed to be part of that system that is early L helmet director of the Gulf institute in the United States. Speaking to me, initially, sixteen minutes past the hour. Quick reminder of the headlines Lincoln thirties say that the suicide bombers who killed three hundred and fifty people on Easter Sunday had well educated middle class backgrounds. North Korea's leader Kim Jones crossed the border into Russia is always have led Vostok on his train for a meeting with President Putin and Hong Kong court has given jail sentences to leading pro-democracy activists for that part in the so-called umbrella protests. Twenty fourteen sport hours. Thank you. Manchester City boss pet Guardiola says he doesn't like all they're going to celsius suggestion that his plans will result in niggly fouls in tonight's I mean, vital title, deciding maybe even Dhabi against Manchester. United the United boss said he expected cities plans to snap at the heels and kick them city, of course, need to win that one to keep that primarily title hypes in their own hands. Plotting. I believe Christian Erickson is open to the idea of contract extension at white hotline. Ericsson's light strike helps best Negra third place with one they'll win over Brighton. Elsewhere Shane lung broke the record for the fastest goal in Premier League history. Scored after just seven seconds in Southampton's one all draw with what foot boss could be crowned champions of Spain later alleged tuna lost. They'll be champions if second-place athletic Madrid dropped points against Valencia, and they Trump to wrap this the Philadelphia seventy six. Is and the Portland trailblazers have all qualified full the NBA conference semifinals all of them wanting game five of their first round playoff series and have advanced full one out many, thanks also this now the US Centric condom tesla Israeli out of the headlines. However, it says often because of an inflammatory tweet from the TV executive Elon Musk as the pioneering green technology, one of a threat of US type fans with financial results out today, which will tell us about the health of that business, and when his head to tell us what to expect hammer bluntly probably loss, again, maybe a bit less than last time been pretty lack luster year, though, it underwhelming delivery numbers. Multiple jump cuts and lower prices for their vehicles semi doesn't disillusion all of shows Rosca bridge chief executive Kawasaki investments in California significant Tessler investor and he says despite the often self created storms. He's confident in his investment. I think there's there's sort of a tale of two cities here with Tessa so a year ago. Tasos sort of this major crisis motive relying so much on tawny and robotics, and sort of a philosophy that that really ultimately failed in. So when Jeremy Leon took over management, basically throughout a lot of that stuff and put in the human beings in the more traditional automotive lines. So what they're really focused on. Now. Can we make five thousand cars week of quality? And that's what they did this corner. That's basically what their numbers were. And as we move forward, we expect numbers to increase and also cars in more mass markets perhaps than they produced before as well. Yeah. Tesla was just up. There has a wonderful line of Yukos yet to calm the model y which is beautiful car was sitting in a yesterday. I love it. And then you've got a semi truck, which is really a game changer for the transportation industry. And then of course, the roads drama high in which will sell like pretty crazily well because it will be the fastest. And you want the fastest car? Some of the peon blowups that come out in the tesla boardroom and thinking in particular veasley this argument between the TV -secutive, Elon Musk and the financial regulator in the United States, the SEC, but also flip-flopping on they talked about closing some stores selling some models line. They went back on that. It does feel sometimes from the outside that this is slightly out of control. Is that worry us investor? Well, I think there you would be sort of negligent not not to be worried by some of the things you. But I think it's more the way that things are happening from the media perspective versus what's really happening at the company. And and that's probably one of the most frustrating things in and I've actually spoke with them in in even yesterday extensive even with about this. And honestly like they do a lot better in. They're very receptive Elise to my idea. So, you know, I'm working with them to have a different. Approach. So, you know, remember this a company full of engineers and highly intelligent people, and they're just they don't get the marketing side as well as they need to Rosca that results out pretty late tonight. So I'm sure you comes on shore as we'll be talking about tomorrow morning on the business news. Well, thank you..

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