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For Schuyler. It first Sheila was the most persistent searcher of all she stopped every day usually with their mom terra in her questions were always the same. Did the police tell you anything new what if they found out? What are they telling you? So it kind of seems like she's just trying to be there. So she can hear what's going on. Yeah. That's the undertone of it. Yeah. I think we're supposed to figure this. She'll is just terribly concerned about her, dear friend. Well, I think that to Mary Dave, she seemed like a concerned friend, but looking back they would see things differently. Sure. They also remembered that Rachel never offered to help Mary wondered why she wasn't there, and she has Sheila about it. She said Rachel had been away camps since the previous Saturday, which was the day after Schuyler vanished. A couple of weeks later Mary realized she still hidden seen Rachel. But of course, she was too distracted to spend too much time worrying about it and office Bank didn't believe she'll Rachel story that they had dropped Schuyler off about four blocks away for fear of waking Marian. Dave when she asked Sheila, she was told Schuyler had been mad and had insisted on being lit out there. Something about this sounded wrong to co banks shit Sheila go over the entire evening again. And this is. What she'll told her she in Mitchell parked on Crawford avenue Schuyler came out of her window ran up the slight inclined to where they were parked and got in the turned onto Fairfield street where the preneurs stayed cruising smoking weed on the side streets Star City, she in ritual, Ribaud, thrust in shorts and sweat shirts. And the three girls talked about Rachel's boyfriend Schuyler money problems, and how her shift at Wendy's that day had been so boring Schuyler wasn't underfund much, but she seemed upset and began acting weird. Which is when she insisted they drop her off away from her home..

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