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To get the job done tomorrow afternoon in these sent a squall at santa needed going nine furlongs it's been about twenty minutes into the show 21 minutes or so if you've been watching live live at the earth dot com thank you for doing so any of the daily racing form social media um we have to talk just briefly before we wrap this thing up about the super bowl super bowl played on sunday afternoon is the philadelphia eagles in the new england patriots for those of you that have been following along you are well aware of the fact that i am from massachusetts and i'm a patriots fan so we've been living in just the the golden ages of football and i think the probably gonna win again but i should do producer craig in the back in saint everybody out there in the office four and a half not gonna be surprised i think they're gonna win i won't be surprised they don't cover unthinking twenty four to twenty one but any of you that if all along all year can know that my football picks have been known to be quite putrid from time to time i hope this is one of those cases i think the patriots will get the job done sunday night that's going to wrap this show up if you've been watching live thank you for doing so if you listen to a podcast a youtube soundcloud itin video di di earth dot com you can follow me on twitter bernie underscore matt for his next week is concerned we will come back in with the recap little of all of these races and then some that'll be up on tuesday it'll be alive that the earth dot com following the earth players podcast next friday we will have another preview show uh and then just a little bit of a heads up going forward this show is going to change significantly but not drastically enough because i'm moving back to massachusetts so next week is going to be the final full week of this show the following week whoever recap there will be no friday show because i.

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