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Negatively affect your body when taken over a long period of time yet by far far the most common cause of headaches is having low blood sugar? That's right. I'm sure our listeners heard US talk about low blood sugar so if you're head starts to throb about three o'clock in the afternoon it could be from that low blood sugar these days. Everyone everyone seems to be so busy. Some of my clients and I gotTa admit in the past. This was me to We work right through lunch and and then three o'clock comes around what happens. We are blood. Sugar shots are really drop. It goes dips below that seventy and our brains them become deficient in that sugar or glucose that our brain needs to function. And what happens. We get a headache and we feel feel tired. And we're probably a little bit spacey. You know kind of been one of those foggy afternoons right So some of us have very reese sensitive blood sugar regulating genes and for some individuals. The blood sugar can swing high and then go low. I yeah always refer to it as that roller coaster ride blood sugar ride right so actually very high blood sugar levels and very low blood. Sugar levels can both result in a headache right. And that's important to know that these blood sugar drops don't just happen in the afternoon. They can happen any any time when we've gone too long without eating so a good example is if you skip breakfast. It's very possible that your blood sugar or your glucose level may they drop about eleven o'clock in the morning and you will feel a lightness in your head. Your neck muscles. Maybe the start of a headache. I know sometimes if I get up early and get started on a project at home and get sidetracked. You know I might start having that little bit of a headache and that reminds me to eat because I know it's my blood sugar and then I eat right away right right that that can happen very easily if you have another one that might happen as as if you have a really early dinner. And then don't have an evening snack. Headache might actually occur somewhere. You know three three thirty in in the morning and suddenly your brain you know. It's deficient again in that glucose and that's going to cause you to wake up and oftentimes you. You may have a headache and then of course how are you going to get back to sleep with that headache. So we recommend eating a snack before bedtime preferably about a half a cup of fresh fruit and some healthy fat. I love you know peanut butter and my apple. That's kind of one. One of my go-to that's a quick one. Yeah you could also do a half apple with Almond butter or something like that or blueberries and some heavy whipping cream. That's GonNa do the trick right so usually a small serving of fruit plus one of those natural healthy fats. Fats will help. Keep your blood sugar level above that seventy mark And you're going to be able to stay asleep and be free of those Nasty Asti headaches. That's right and that low blood. Sugar causes headaches because we need a constant supply of glucose to the brain for for it to function properly and when your glucose level drops the brain is one of the first organs to be affected. So lack of Glucose Glucose to the brain can cause severe pain and pressure and that can lead to a headache. So I'm sure many of you are thinking you know. So what are are some of the common causes of low blood sugar. A couple of the common causes are well one. We talk about kind of skipping meals or going going to long between meals and snacks So that would be probably at least longer than two and a half hours. Sometimes I can go four. Yeah Yeah but you know I prefer doing kind of the three three and a half right in there. But everybody's different so we have to kind of figure that out on our own right no no and as I previously mentioned some people have very sensitive blood sugar regulating genes and those people might need to eat almost every two hours and I think those people generally know it because when they come in and we're doing a meal plan they'll say I don't know if I can go three hours then we just Kinda dial that in in individualize is it so some medications can affect blood sugar balance and certainly a number of blood pressure meds of fact our blood sugar sugar balance so if you are diabetic or pre diabetic you know. Some of those oral medications for Type Two diabetes or insulin resistance can lower your blood sugar far too much and that can create a low blood sugar to the brain situation so some of those undesirable effects are headaches and brain fog. Yeah I call you. Know kind of spacey definitely so so listeners. I really I have a question for you. Have you ever been on a low calorie starvation type weight loss diet and and kept getting headaches and having maybe some anxiety eamon so for many people that intermittent fasting result else in headaches so we have to be aware of that at nutritional weight and wellness. We believe that you will experience better weight loss. Better Moods better memory memory and fewer headaches if you try to eat three to four ounces of protein Couple of cups of vegetables and again unhealthy fat about tablespoon of healthy fat. Every three hours. I have a quick story about intermittent fasting. One of my clients took a little too far and was going about eighteen to twenty hours a day in her long stretch overnight which stretched into most of the day she ended up spiking with a high cortisol level in ended up gaining weight instead of losing weight. which was her goal? Oh so she was stressed stressing out her body. Careful with that in some try to do it for like twelve hours fourteen hours which is generally okay but you know going too long is a problem. Yeah definitely it is a problem and I think it's time to take a break here. So you are listening to dishing up nutrition and at this present time we are living in an environment with eighty thousand toxic chemicals and very few have been tested posted for long term impact on our health according to the environmental working group. Most of the babies born this year your had two hundred and eighty seven known toxins in his or her umbilical cord. So yeah that that. That statistic is amazing. Isn't it so if a newborn has two hundred eighty seven known toxins in their umbilical cord or body. How many do you think we have as adults and how these toxic chemicals affect us in many different ways? I'm sure so here are a few examples. could be skin rashes. It could be weight gain. Cancer might be any one of them auto immune disorders and our topic. Today it could be a headache so we recommend that you eat organic organic organic meats. Vegetables fruits and fat to limit your exposure to these toxic chemicals. And we'll be right back. Welcome.

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