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A suspect who appears to be black. The cops are white. And Ah, he's being held down and one of the police officers is kneeling over him. Pummeling him. You could see the video would n j. Wanna 15 dot com? Ah, This was last Sunday night. 3 a.m. a place called Romeo's Famous Pizzeria. It's Ah, nine second video. I think I'm gonna watch it again. Urges you just see That is being held down. He's um being repeatedly pummeled. Other cops standing around watching and you say, How could this take place? After all that we've been through this year in 2020 with protest ng George Floyd and now you see this and you ask yourself, you throw your hands in the air. This sets relations back between the police and the community. And I feel bad for the police. Feel better, of course for the guy you beat, But I feel bad for the suspect for the police officers. Who? Ah, you know, trying to make strides. It's not easy to be a police officer right now. You know the way they're viewed by so many And unjustly, because so many are good cops. Go to work every day looking to protect and serve would take a paycheck. Go back to the towers. I think about how we love police. Then when you get in trouble, who do you call? 1 800 to 83101.5 when you see this, What do you think? Jane's in Florence under Jersey one on 1.5 I, Jane. Hide being on your show. Have not seen the video. Um er, I have a different take one with my link. How think about Bloxham was a surgeon, and ah, he NEA operated on a lot of you. Area accounting that we lived on a lot of the policemen and we respected them. He respected them. One thing we noticed if they lived at the gym, which is what brought them to have Children hernia, But he would have to show them. You got it booked Steroid week. So he always told me That he thinks that the royal range could have had a lot to do with these isolated incidents. That happened. We don't know. But Jane, we don't know this guy was on steroids. No way. We can't go there until we know That you know so much more about steroids. Now, you know that. I don't know that people would want to do them. Let me We knew all that, but they have to be still they have to be strong. What? They don't realize that this will affect their adrenal system Extended, you know, outer space. When they get somebody on the ground and you look at them, they kill each other. Just like the other darkies. Replete obtain. You cut now I'm sorry You're cutting out and I'm trying to keep track. Really? I don't think there's a steroid thing at all. But again. This is a nine second video. I've looked at it a 1,000,000,000 times. You see cops just standing there watching you see other cops holding the guy down. I'm counting like three guy. Three cops holding the guy down. The other cop is on his knees and he's pumped right. Left, right left. I don't see the rationale. I don't know what This guy could have done to rationalize that kind of beating and Usually I would expect there's something like this. You know swiftly, you would get some kind of statement. You would get some kind of explanation. From the prosecutor's office from the mayor. Whatever they're investigating, whether or not the action violated and J A s to C 3-7 used of just a viable force to effect an arrest or any related criminal statutes. What has to be done. I don't know what you know how long that investigation takes or whatever, but from what? I'm looking at that video I can't see it. What I do See is, you know whatever work has been built on police relations. Just take a step back. I've had so I that police officer's call in the last hour. You know about how they viewed it. And how do you want 100 to 831? 1.5. When you see the video and you say yourself or what? What would be the reason? How do you justify this? Your you got trained police officers. And you've got a number of them. Surrounding one guy. So how hard could it be to take that guy in Again. I'm not there. I don't know. But then you get off my train. You want to bring a police officer in here? Let him do a four hour talk show. He's not trained. Not that the jobs we're on equal levels just of what you know you have to be trained to do what you do. I would imagine. That police officer did you train to take suspects down and they must have figured they had it because others would you stand there watching? And another question. Why are they standing there Watching when you see something like this and not be able to say, Hey, Because they weren't the only ones watching. This was on video. And once it gets on video in 2020 years ago everywhere And you could see it on N J wanted 15 dot com So upon seeing the video Do you feel about the video? 1 800 to 83101.5 from Dan Alexander came. A county prosecutor's office is investigating what it calls a police incident after a brief video circulated online, showing an officer repeatedly punching a person on the ground. A version of the video that appears to be shared most widely starts off with four officers on the sidewalk, struggling with the person on the ground, a second in there's a cut in the video, several of the officers they're seeing standing around the individual, while three other informed individuals remain absolutely three other uniformed individuals remain on the ground with him. To holding him. The third on his knees, has seen punching the man on the ground at least seven times in quick succession. The police seen in the video appears to be white. The man being punched, being punched appears to be black. And this version has been posted. On YouTube posted to Twitter by Jeff Bill who tells CBS Philly. He witnessed the incident along with a person who shot the video. Joe Kirk in front of Romeos Famous Pizzeria. It's nine seconds long has no audio gives no context as to what to lead to the incident. Which to prosecute, his office said happened around 3 a.m. Sunday. So ah! I look at the video and I'm trying to find the rationale. And I'm just saying happy this happened now. And what we need here. Is ah explanation as quickly as possible..

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