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Very good Danny I'm working trying all right next up at seeking the buddies over at seatgeek you need tickets to concerts sort of Football Game Abou- Answer I said Concert Concert Baseball playoffs coming up or you WANNA go Broadway play get your play on or whatever we WanNa do you get it through their interface I find it very easy to use it's my only after I used to buy tickets to be honest I may go to Chicago soon and I might hit up Kogo bears game because they'll be there a week I don't know I don't know who they're playing but I know they're at home that'd be when you get there till Mitch trubisky throw touchdown please it'd be nice yeah I'll let him know but they have over fifty thousand five-star reviews on their APP that's a lot that's the lot but yet it has this interactive map where it shows you like where seat is what's a good price what's bad price if it's like red or dark red maybe stay away if it's dark grain cop Dat Coptic quick good price shout all right but seek will give you ten dollars off your first seek purchase owing to do is use our Promo Code which is basement but download the APP and then use the Promo Code Baseman at checkout for ten dollars off your first purchase right pace go buy some takes next we have and lastly we have a buffy buffy makes betting that is earth friendly in cruelty free I wanna say this right now so usually what happens with full disclosure they sent me a blanket okay buffy blood this plane yeah me too and I I don't know so it has stuff here that I'm supposed to read but I'm not really GonNa do it okay so after then cotton it is very soft earth friendly I wouldn't have known but it that's Nice and it's it's Eucalyptus Oh you ten times less water than Condo grow on its fiber produce using recyclable earth friendly solvency come on the world by going to sleep comedy but one thing I wanted to say that it says somewhere over here oh no more nights let's get cozy without overheating that's the biggest thing about this blanket dude I'm a sweaty free and I haven't sweat since I got my buff the buffy blanket stays cool like the entire time yeah which I don't know how but I'll take it I was like Yo to the point where literally this is not a joke I just bought their pillows he did ooh and I didn't even hit a buffy on on the like Yo slide me some free stuff I actually bought with what Promo code which is coming up right now for twenty dollars off your buffy comforter because you can they have a comforter which is what we're talking about we got the blanket the comforter very nice the market for a.

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