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Advantage of the power of audio and video. It's the best way to showcase your expertise to perspective customers. Let the lubec in media accompanies handle the technical side. We're award winning audio and video producers. We can help you produce podcasts video programs remotely or in our fully equipped studio uh-huh in cherry hill visit being the media dot com for more information investors bank bank headquartered in short hills. New jersey is a full service community bank serving customers. Since one thousand nine hundred twenty six investors recently originated eleven eleven larger commercial real estate financing transactions valued at about one hundred and seventy one million dollars. The commercial mortgage loans were primarily used to refinance. It's existing credits on multifamily housing complexes office structures and cooperative apartment buildings the banks c._r._a. Lenders also negotiated construction loans owns and completed various lending contracts in the one million to three million dollar range. The bank takes a balance sheet lending approach to its commercial real estate portfolio eleo that means the bank keeps the loans in house and works closely with its borrower customer on keeping the loans performing properly the banks commercial lending portfolio also also includes more than two point six billion dollars in commercial and industrial loans in recent years. The bank is diversified portfolio to include more loans to owners of commercial mersal office buildings industrial warehouses distribution facilities and retail shopping malls as well as healthcare facilities joining us to talk about investors approaches coaches richard spangler executive vice president and chief lending officer of investors bank under rich spangler leadership investors commercial real estate portfolio has grown from <hes> <hes> less than eighty million dollars in two thousand five to more than thirteen billion dollars at the end of june rich. Thanks for joining us on the sierra news our good afternoon senate steve so you folks at investors bank. <hes> just booked eleven larger <hes> commercial real estate finance transactions about one hundred seventy one million dollars. You're growing your c._r._e. Portfolio <hes> what's the current value and what's making grow currently early on a twenty two billion dollar loan portfolio. We've got about fourteen billion of it out in c._r._a. And that's comprised of just under nine billion dollars offers of multifamily and just under five billion.

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