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Plea. Jesus Christ not a not a I know that's day one stuff, but you don't go to. The Louvre Museum without seeing the Mona Lisa you don't go to New York without climbing to the top of the Chrysler building, and you don't go to heaven without seeing the man. Just interesting. To sit down with that get. Would you ask for a picture? Of course, yeah, well, there's once again. There's going to be a photographer. Throughout have Always be an onset photographer that heaven just. And he'll be like together. Please, put your drinks down. They never want you know they don't want you to be photographed with a cocktail. Probably get a photograph upfront. Take an expensive Bar Mitzvah. The production value and I would just. Let's see I'd I'd say I'd say why did you do it? What junior dad come up with the whole Shebang? That's what I'd ask him. Until then that's that's what we ask ourselves everyday. Why the whole Shebang why the reason for any of it? What the Hell is all the nonsense about. I suspect. We'd have to say something like we're here to love one another. It's a shame really that most of us wait until we get to heaven to realize it, but what a beautiful shame right! In the meantime, let's keep on deluding ourselves. If we we can't love everyone, let's try and stay classy folks. My name is Ron Burgundy. Goodnight Boston. The Ron Burgundy podcasts is production of iheartradio. I'm Ron Burgundy to host writer and executive pretty. Carolina Barlow is my co host writer and producer our producer. His knick's though. Are. Telling CORD METER IS ANA HOST writers are Andrew, Steele and Jake. This episode was engineered mixed panel by mixed up until next time. This is Bloomberg. Hello my name is Ron Burgundy and I'm here to remind you to tune into late night with Seth Meyers over on the NBC Network Seth, Meyers or sm as I like to call. I'm really has the late night goods. You like smart Steph. You like politics and being in the know who doesn't. This Guy Myers will keep you up to date and in the conversation better than the news, and with his closer look segment. You laughing at the same time news and laugh at the same time I could have never done that in my day back then the news was delivered by handsome men with facts, imperfect care usually around dinnertime. That's why I was the very best in the Biz now the news game is opened up to every human being with a mouth in a suit. In fact, some of them don't even wear suits which I think is a real enforceable actual crime that people should. Should go to jail for but this Guy Seth Meyers Sem for short not only wears a suit, but delivers the news and laughs at the same time. No, it's not a circus, act, news and comedy. At the same time. It's just good clean fun for Smart People like you and me. I'm Ron Burgundy and I'm serious checkout Seth Meyers over on NBC and go to YouTube dot com slash late night. Seth for show highlights segments like closer look interviews and more..

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