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Is going crazy it'll only get more and more bonkers so we have they better not touch their dial a song he said they better not touch the dolls because if they do tops the dials I'm gonna set Joe Piscopo on the minute waltz that show is suppose said on them do they Joe Piscopo they do that Dr Gorka privilege and a pleasure my friend a Vulcan mind meld I told my guys until my producer Jeff in two days ago I want isco boat shop on my show you know the guy thank you from the need to produce a text me this morning saying Hey took the G. could you come on Joe sure no I'm not going on social we need to make commercial break as it affects the five boroughs my thank you you got to get back to gore got mad he goes only if you're going to judge a done deal what about you right this is why I've been following you on Instagram and I want to know if there are like the Armageddon comes I want to come to your house did you are locked in you are loaded my brother US president say that one would expect to go to bring something go to bring the macaroni cheese or something what is Joe Piscopo I with the little I want the feline veal chops I want to stay at Milan AC with the company's insults could you bring and my mom lives I following your Instagram we're allowed to have this much fun on radio is this even legal I don't know if there thank you okay I think I'm a cert you know for the voices of world world all to work with the Grateful Boise's a great grand ledge's on until and Jerry Crowley in New York but when he said you know Dr Gorka is coming to Salem I said that is the best radio move I've heard you sound great I had somebody I know you well enough now you sound spectacular you have energy your focus you a power but you know a lot about it you see the pain I don't know I don't have the courage to say second I just love told radio I have since I was a kid we look up to people like you and fill all my grocery bill you name it you name anybody whose name in radio and you know who I'm talking about people who may not be with Salem you name anybody who's a big name yes walked a guy called Phil Boyce found them and I need to ask anybody who's anybody filled voice so it works okay you you all in fine fettle my friends talk about Instagram game I want to I want to be your back Kataria you'll international travel I wanted to go to press Israel soup in your hotel when your in Florence when you cross a planet okay let's talk about let's talk about serious things if you are a new York of my friend how old is the Big Apple doing from Joe Piscopo is perspective you know what Dr Gorka it's all great we got it together and and you know it's it's it's a shame all the deaths that we've had and and everything that has happened in the in our great city and in New Jersey to you know speak to you from my home in New Jersey where my but you know they put the microphone here and because god forbid we should have to come into New York but I'll tell you we got this we're gonna make this I don't like that we've been attacked this is war this is war we've been attacked by the communists and that this is a all out war so you don't you can't tell a New Yorker you know we're gonna put you down when you get your dad or a guy from New Jersey particularly I mean we got hit the worst in New York in New Jersey and we're dealing with and right now I mean after we speak Dr Gorka I'm gonna put on the gloves are put now my goggles a put in on my hazmat suit I'm happy to talk to my doctor you know with the talks you don't want but you know what we are going down man and you know what we've had it with the lockdown as you know governor Murphy New Jersey opened up the park yeah he opened up the golf courses today we're not going that we have to just open this up we have to get out there because we're from Jersey we're from New York you can't tell if you can't keep us down man what we're going to go out there and I don't get it now we're getting antsy you know what said well now we're getting antsy I'm about to break away so you can't do you predict that the level of frustration may lead to people from New Jersey or New York so I we got a lot of again what addicting Joe you troublemaker yeah I think so because it is such a Jersey thing and we've I want so proud when I come before the Mike every morning six to ten you know it and the answer New York and I talked to a lady Jersey folks I talked to New York fifty thousand what's at a New York City I tell everybody how proud I am to be an American what a patriot I am because of this the way we eat New York image of what you know was snarky I mean is that a great work we do have a you know it's like if you enjoyed the view looking at somebody you can go yeah what do you look at that that's that what you greet somebody it's not like hello you know I you might hear a little bit different a little bit different you don't and I go down south I play the southern belt of the United States of America which is just a glorious place to be you know the city of lessons lesson right and blasting the first my travel to Oklahoma some people who live there when you get off the plane it's okay don't worry they'll be smiling at his the people were friendly and they were in and in Jersey New York of a social distancing I mean it's like that's our that's our motto that's our credo you know it's like don't touch me don't you dare come near me I swear to god I'll reply you know it's like that that's pretty much what it is so we're used to it but we've added doctors said gore go we've got it we're about to come out we got a we got to take our country back my brother yeah we do we do with it just punks who want to stop us like that guy in the you love that little of incidents in the rose garden but because you're wise guy M. one wise guys I called the White it was intended to meet up so so this way said he lives each year of your listeners all across the country all around the world that Gorka I said when I knew doctor gore who's coming in and he was gonna be working as a company is said Gorka I thought I knew all my news deputation I knew supported the president we support the president courage to step up very early in this in the support of Donald J. trump and on this guy's great then then he goes after a reporter in the rose garden and I said you were you Bob rush that guy I think that is about a man Dr Gorka your jerseys I was just using the pisco Popo way I'm interested in in the last thirty seconds going to hit the post in thirty what is your message to your fellow new Jerseyans your fellow man have those who are who are really losing faith about being able to get back to where we will look to message a couple we got this we will win this is a war you don't you don't bring that upon the United States of America this is the greatest country on planet earth you got a president leading the charge we will make this stand fast onward and forward as my father said when he fought the second World War for this great country we're fighting for this great country now we're gonna win this we got this said Gorka that's the American way Vance the New Jersey way that's the Big Apple way this is wall but we got this follow this man he is Joe Piscopo and that has Piscopo show on Twitter Joe Piscopo hashtag radio Piscopo god bless you cannot wait to be on the so this is America first on the Salem radio network broadcasting from the respective dot com studios really thank to natural drug free pain relief that actually works how do I know that I don't have a script I don't have talking points I believe that now for a year and a half and I'm so grateful to the great father and son deep and subtle behind this product that is providing relief.

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