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Here was wiped out by hurricane Nate. Across the Gulf Coast, others are bracing for the storm where punishing surf and rain has begun in Biloxi Mississippi. They stocked up on supplies at the grocery store while the fire department geared up for possible water rescues goes on comes and goes, and we're done with it. But mayor Letizia Cantrell says they are prepared. We've got the pumps empower. We believe we need again to be safe and protect our residents. The rain has started to pick up and the wind is actually picking up significantly. But one of the big concerns storm. It's going to be the storm surge. Officials with the National Hurricane Center are expecting anywhere from three to five feet mixed in with several inches of rain. And they're worried that can cause millions of dollars in damage, Jeff. All right, Omar Villafranca where the wind is only going to get worse tonight in Alabama WCBS weather caster Lonnie, Quinn is tracking Gordon force Lonnie what's happening out there. I think there's gonna prove to be a storm more about the water than the wind Omar was talking about. Here's the current stats on it. And I will say the storms gotten better organized is starting to look like the quintessential rotation you see with a tropical system Windsor at seventy miles per hour. It's got to get to seventy four to be a cat one hurricane. We don't think it's going to get their flu to the northwest quickly fifteen miles per hour. So the good news is it's not like Harvey. It's not going to take forever to get through the air. It will be through quickly. We think landfall somewhere the Mississippi or Alabama coastline as that strong. Tropical storm. Maybe it's a low grade cat one pushing inland quickly weakening. So we.

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