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Is special teams right you know right out of the gate early in the game they they have a must plant follow that up by allowing a kickoff return for a touchdown blooding new england score the kickoff return and then having the blocked punt by rex burkhead though the you can't you can't make those mistakes and win in the nfl aside from all the other messy things in this game the special teams were a glaring a glaring issue for the broncos tonight so i only did special teams field goal obviously big off its lama goes phil gordon a tiny bit a kickoff returns but you could special teams your entire career maybe can explain the importance of it we tweak obviously we saw tonight with what it matters in this game but just gotta weektoweek how about how the importance of being a corresponds player well you know it's it's it's always overlooked it's something that just fills in space in between a commercial breaks and so special teams is something that has never stressed outside of nfl locker rooms but they are always stressed within and if a locker rooms and the thing about it is why the patriots have one of their many things that they do so well is they take a guy like rex burkhead who had a very big role only offensive side of the ball but also he was a part of the specially is the core special teams guy and that goes all the way back to when they were playing with tedy bruschi and mike rabl my earliest years in the nfl those guys were when i was playing special teams cutting my teeth as an nfl player here i lineup from all protest he bruschi a line up across from albro mike rabl when i'm expecting to be going against you know special teams type scrubs so when you have a team of franchise like the new england patriots that are willing to put their star marquee players in harm's way for those types of plays that you realize how they're taking it to an even another threshold and.

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