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The chances that the chances that drag is a raptor by the trade deadline are slim, right? You would think that, but again, you know, the number you got to get to is 19 million for a guy who's going to be back up point guard on any good team. He goes to. So it's not as easy as you might think. And if he's not there because they bought him out, then didn't win anything, right? So. I just, that was a confusing episode to me. It's interesting is we keep going down this draft. I think there was some concern in the 2020 draft that this wasn't a great draft. It's hard to get super excited about this draft scene where some of the sophomores were. The best sophomores were Jordan Nora, Isaiah Joe. Desmond Bain, two second round picks and I think the 30th pick in the draft. Xavier Tillman looked pretty good for Memphis. Paul Reid. Sam Merrill has looked good. That last grizzlies preseason game. I want to say he had 30. Now it was a little bit of a hodgepodge on the court, you know, for both teams in that game, but he was knocking them down, man. Any of these guys intrigued viewers this all just sort of preseason white noise right now. Isaac Desmond bay is going to be starting from Memphis this year. I think he's just like a good three and D role player. That's all he is, you know, but at 30, that's a good pick. The same thing with Xavier Tillman, you know, older player, drafted with the 40th pick. Slides into a role as a backup 5, good defender, smart capacity a little bit. That's what he's going to be in the NBA. You're not getting some huge upside out of it. But picking that late, it's still a win. We joke a lot. Okay, free Paul Reid, by the way. Yeah, yeah, that's where we're gonna end. I mean, we joke, we've joke a lot about Paul Reid, Paul Reid looks great in the G league. He doesn't get a lot of minutes for Philly, even in the preseason he's not getting a ton of minutes for them. You know, you joke free Paul Reid. Do you know something, the sixers don't? Is this just a log jam? Would he be if he was on a bad team? You know, like if he was on Orlando or Oklahoma City or something like this, would we be seeing him blow up right now and him getting big minutes? What's really up with Paul Reid? I mean, I know you love him and I know they analytics point in his direction. But what do you honestly think? I think they don't trust him because his game is still kind of wild and he's still a little on disciplined at both ends. And so they figure if they're putting some guy in, you know, for ten minutes, they'd rather go with the go with the known and something a little safer. I thought they hurt themselves last year in the playoffs, playing playing Dwight Howard those minutes. But it's a big jump to play a rookie who was the 57th pick or whatever in playoffs second round playoff series. So I can understand that a little more. I do think whatever happens with Simmons, any smart team that's on those trade talks is saying, okay, you gotta throw in this other guy too. You're not using many way. Does Neil O'Shea become GM of the year if he trades Damian Lillard for Ben Simmons, but really he trades Damian Lillard for Paul Reid. Trojan horse trade. It was really doing a Paul Reid, right? Yeah. It's interesting. Last question, Ben Simmons. Have we gone too far the other way on Ben Simmons now? You know, I mean, there's so much hate out there for Ben Simmons. And, you know, so many people, this is a 25 year old multiple all star runner up for defensive player of the year. And it seems to me and that this is happening to actually think in the 2022 NBA draft as well where we just can't quantify that the average fan just can't quantify defense. They can't get past if a player has offensive limitations. I mean, you're actually hearing people arguing about Rudy in Utah as well and Rudy's not a top ten player because, you know, offensively, this or that or whatever. It seems like we just have a hard time in our brains quantifying that this game is played at both ends. And that having a huge defensive impact can have a huge impact on your team. Have we have we swung too far away from Ben Simmons as a town. Forget about his personality or his decision to hold out or whatever. But as a talent too far. I think the media entity has, I don't think NBA teams have. I think the sixers are still getting calls on him. They're still teams that are interested. And the sixers have kept the asking price way up here, and I think that's a little strategic because they don't really want to trade them yet, because they want to see if Damian Lillard comes available first. But I think in NBA front offices, the pendulum hasn't swung too far. It's out here in media world where I think it has. Here's my I think you've posited Indiana as being maybe, you know, a team that could put together a package and you'd like that fit. What about Charlotte? What about a Terry Rozier Gordon Hayward combination of deal? I mean there could be some young players or whatever there would Ben Simmons and lamella ball be able to play together. I mean, you think about their problems at the time. And they have really interesting one. That is really interesting to me because with Charlotte is done a lot is placed centerless with like PJ Washington at 5 and just try to go fast as hell. And, you know, minus rosa and Hayward, there's probably some shooting deficits in that strategy. But that, at least, I mean, that's interesting, okay? Both ways because I think you get something out of that if you're Philadelphia too with those guys. That extension for Rozier could be a problem in Philly with their tax situation and 96 million coming to him. Might need to be a different player with Hayward maybe, but that is an interesting one. I kind of like that. I kind of like that. Ball and Simmons, you know, is Simmons gonna be happy, screening for ball 50 times a game. I mean, that's probably the biggest variable that you have to wonder about. Hey, it's interesting again that I've just been trying to look at it. What teams have we not been talking about that could use Ben Simmons and I think there's lots and lots of reasons for Charlotte to consider it. And I think they probably, like you said, maybe it's not Terry Rozier, but there's probably a collection of again combination of veterans and players that they could put together that might be really intriguing for Philadelphia holding out the Lillard. I think is going to be a mistake just in my opinion. And so make a deal. All right. Yeah, I think they're going to hold out a little longer. I think they're going to go till close to the trade deadline and then say uncle and take whatever's the best thing on the table. Okay. He's John hollinger, check out his team previews for all 30 teams over at the athletic John, always a pleasure to have you on the show. I'm sure we'll come back at some point in the season and start talking about the 2022 NBA draft class, but let's give it a little time to watch how these guys come at. For me right now, this is a wide open draft. Yeah, absolutely. I'm excited to get out and see some of these guys. All right, John, you've been listening to chat for NBA big board. I'm locked on podcast network..

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