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No now i don't know i i just i i think there's something kind of like punky about just i dunno now i get it but at the same time i know that stem cell i don't think that's why i in the metallica documentary 'cause i was just gonna say but the sex pistols or whatever didn't do vogel warmups but it's like in the metallica documentary have you seen some kind of on tall guy he's in the stairwell during remember we we we under which are mike yeah i wonder if he ever had failed in your future like a head field moment yeah and i don't wish that on you but i'm just like i wonder if we're just like both of us will be like doing stretches that we never thought we had to in our body had her voices leah yeah yeah who knows it'll come soon you'll have to do it well what's the name of the new album that i'm going to be listening it is called ellie divine it's been out and was a little bit richard uh holdout richard roy bruins yeah i'd love is mystical is the first song oh well um but there's a lot of it like there's a songchol can we hang on um debt is about that yeah i don't know i don't know i don't want to break open to all that that's like a as long as you like yet is on that i like ally and it's a song but it's long as you like that i feel like you're has allotted this stuff in that zaire to step searching stephane in see you're doing it man you're you're not thinking about it which is good you know what i mean yeah like we're not shoving all this heart stephan to our heads and that's okay yeah i think it's wonderful i'm just trying to a yeah yeah no i mean if anything there is nothing more important to me than like so i mean i listen to your podcasts all listen to rob all listen to.

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