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Downs and the Kentucky Derby decided to bump the Matt Win and there are some real derby points on the line tomorrow afternoon race ten while the win obviously was never supposed to be before the Kentucky Derby but now since it is they have put eighty five points on the line as far as the road to the Kentucky Derby the winner of the Madelyn will receive fifty. The runner-up gets twenty third place. Ten fourth place five in past years fifty points has been enough to guarantee a spot in the twenty horse field in the Kentucky Derby now there are a lot more quote unquote prep races. They're not really preparations they stand alone. These races But there are a lot more races leading up to the Kentucky Derby this year that are going to be worth points so including the. I'm sorry to interrupt you but including the Belmont stakes right and the Belmont stakes. You get one hundred and fifty points for winning and I believe you get sixty for being the runner up which in the winter obviously would get him but most years that guarantees that the runner up in the Belmont stakes would be would be guaranteed a spot in the Kentucky Derby But there are a lot more. I mean now the Santa Anita Derby is is hasn't been running. That's still going to be one hundred to the winner. The Los Alameda Sturdy which was never getting points is worth twenty two the winner the Haskell which is usually after the Derby one hundred to the winner the Pegasus twenty two the winner Indiana Derby twenty two the winter the bluegrass which they're negotiating in Kentucky now to have a keeneland meet in the first half of July just before Saratoga opens the BLUEGRASS will be worth one hundred two the winter and then of course the Ellis Park Derby and the shared belief fifty to the winner each. We don't know those dates yet. So it's a really a lot of excitement but what we do know about the Matt. Winn stakes is whether they planned it this way or not. It is perfectly timed per for the Belmont stakes. Four weeks after that win is the first leg of this year's triple crown the Belmont stakes and then he still have eleven more weeks to decide what you WANNA do. Tell the Kentucky Derby so this Matt Win maybe more than any other year is a very very important three year race. And you you could add. You'd have to assume at Saratoga. That's GonNa get points as well somewhere about a month before the Kentucky Derby lots of points available so this becomes that much more important especially for a horse like Max Shield. Who's just getting going now? And I think a lot of people would agree this race in all likelihood goes through. Maxwell he has to negotiate the layoff which is a lengthy one. He didn't run since October of last year. So you're looking at well over seven months for this son of street sense. Of course the Kentucky Derby back in two thousand and seven Brennan Wall strains for Godolphin will hear from Godolphin president of US racing operations Jimmy Bell tomorrow morning on a loaded equine form presented by foreign paint doc on trainer Grand Motion Talks About. Breeder's cup juvenile fillies turf when Sharing Return Ruidoso downs. Gm Jeff true previews their upcoming meet and offering Terry Finley. The founder of West Point orbits racing and reflects on Memorial Day. That's all tomorrow morning on the coin form presented foreign paint dot com You'd have to think MACs field would be the one that would wanna get going the most and if he shows up with that rate especially from last year in the British maturity He. He's GonNa be right there at the end of this Matt Win Tomorrow and it certainly looks like he's been working well for his return to the racist. China Brendon Walsh. Long Series Of works both down in Florida and in Kentucky and they've gotten pretty fast since his arrival in Kentucky. Those works over Keelan interesting. I think this race comes down to three horses and all three of them only have two lifetime starts in their careers. Number One. Mystic Guide number two pneumatic and the favorite number. Ten Max field. My top choices actually. Going to be number two pneumatic. Who won I? What I think is the most impressive maiden race of the meet at Oaklawn Park back on February fifteenth. The runner up third place. Finisher I think the fourth place finisher all came back and won impressively in the starts and pneumatic came back on April eleventh with a very impressive win going around two turns and facing winners for the first time I think he's just bred to keep getting better and better as the distances stretch out being by on. Komo out of a tap at mayor and I think pneumatic can cause I wouldn't say the upset but the anytime you're going to beat a favorite light Max `field it's A. It's a little bit of an upset. So I think pneumatic is my top choice. I love the way number. One mystic guide ran last time out breaking his maiden at the fairgrounds. Obviously these are much deeper waters in the Matt Win. But he's got a great post position and that last race that maiden races about as good as any of these other horses have run speed figure wise and there's no reason he can improve his fifteen to one on the morning line and then Max field like you said. He was so impressive. Coming from far off the pace in the breeders futurity last year and just blowing the doors off that field if he runs that kind of race off the layoff. He's obviously the one to beat but there is that small question mark of whether or not he'll run that race tomorrow so I'm just using him as one of my three. I'm using numbers. One two and ten but number two pneumatic my top selection. You may be forced to live in the pick for the pick. Five to root for quarter. Who is here right? The other Chad Brown. The other. Bob The other. Godolphin in here Mr Guy who's GonNa be fifteen ten fifteen points higher than Max field will be on. The board. Yeah pneumatic is probably pneumatics. The question mark in here because of pneumatic keep I say the question what. He's the wildcard. Rather because if he keeps improving boy Max fields going to have to come with a big shot off of the layoff to keep up with this improving son of uncle mo who as good as he wasn't his maiden win he came back and look even better once they stretched out and he's finished the job both times very nice. Final quarter for miles. You know. It's very rare. You see a horse. Go One on nine and four for furs maiden win making up ground right not. He didn't even do it on the front end so you have to figure. At the end of that race he was he was coming home nicely and then stretch out and go the go that one turn that to turn short stretch mind. That's warm impressive to. He didn't have the entire length of the stretch in Oakland to win. Last time he didn't need it he was You know when when they got the eighth pole which is which was really the sixteenth. Paul he was well on his way. It taken flight at that point so this big stretcher Churchill. Yeah I think. The wildcard is pneumatic. He could very well be the goods. And I think you'd be remiss to leave off of of any of your tickets. You have the US Max feel. I don't know what you do with the other horses who we've seen a lot of at this point. I think we've seen we've seen attachment rate enough. I don't know how how much trouble he got into last time it says bumped. I. I don't know if the source really wants to go to turns the mile and a sixteenth. He may be better at the middle distances. What do you do with major fed who you know? He ran well in his division of the risen star behind modernist he was wide around there and then Louisiana Derby Day. It was tough to make up ground on that track and he did it. He didn't break. Well you know I just don't know if the Mile Sixteen is long enough for him. I know he broke his maiden going amount on the sixteenth. But I think maybe against a little bit better Class A horse. He might need a little bit more distant. He's the kind of horseshoe look at. I do anyway for the Belmont stakes for the Kentucky Derby where that Mile and an eighth at Belmont with the five furlong straight run to the first turn might be more than the two turns. Churchill especially from that draw but there are a lot of dangers in here You like three of them. I can make a case for five of them. I'm trying to find a long shot to give you in these numbers as well because a lot of this chalk looks tough but know. Churchill downs has been known to spring up senator to in its storied history necker island speaking of Churchill. Downs is over four in his career. When he doesn't want to Churchill downs at Churchill? Now he's two for two. We broke his maiden and then he won in the slop. He's another one. I don't know how far he wants to go. I didn't love the ride last time. I wanted them to be more forwardly placed from the rail. It didn't happen He gets Tyler Gaffney Leone back aboard gasoline wrote on one time we had no real chance in the swell. He's a son hard spun so you would think the mound sixteenth. We'll be right in his wheelhouse. He's going to be a big number. I think he'll get ignored. He's the kind of wish you WanNa get into your number. I think but I think new medical Max field is likely going to win this race but maybe you get necker island gimmicks to juice things up race number ten. The Great Three Matt Win Fifty Derby points to the winner race number. Eleven wraps the car. They'll pick four pick five all stakes at Churchill. The war chant flat mile on the turf for the three year olds another full field of fourteen. There's a and here as well. We don't have the star. Power of sharing in an alms in here. But like we do in the tap in. But I gotTa tell you about. This is another wide open one. You can make a case for seven or eight of these. And that's what scares me about. This race is then. I think it's so wide open either. Have to do a major spread and really pair it down in your other legs of the pick four. Pick five or you just got to take a shot or two in this race. And that's what I'm GONNA do. Even though I think more than half the field can win. I'M GONNA only use two horses in this race. Number One south bend whose twelve to one on the morning line and number nine smooth like straight south bend is going to be my top choice. And I'm kind of a sucker for this source. He hasn't won in quite a while not since October of last year and he's never won on turf but his turf starts have been pretty good and he's drawn well down along the inside reunited with Julian Peru. Who's been aboard for all three of his starts? I think he had much chance last time out in English Channel. When he was caught wide every step of the way he should be able at least save ground around the first. Turn tomorrow in the war chant. There is some speed in the field and one of the speed horses number nine smooth like straight. He was actually favored his last two starts out at Santa Anita and ran good races. Although not winning races picks up the services of John Velazquez for the first time and I think that may help him. A lot is shipping out to Churchill downs in first time actually outside of southern California so one in nine for me with south. Bend my chops choice. We're running out of time. I think any combination of one two four five six nine twelve thirteen to win this race. I had a tough time with this race when I do I Trust Joel. Rosario pixellated getting a rider change. Joel Rosario I think there's some space some some pacing here. I hope he settles. I hope he makes one run. I think he's like the Churchill downs course for a little bit of the longest stretch of some of these other places. I know fairgrounds. He just missed last time I also think that a quicker pace is going to help the sources 'cause I'M GONNA TRY PIXEL BUT AGAIN. I think of eight of them couldn't win it race. Number eleven goes as the war chant. One more break when we come back. We'll have a few minutes to talk about a couple of graded stakes race place. The Daytona and the trolley winning Ham..

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