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Is they can get out the past right and I can tell you this much one name that you I'm glad you mentioned his name if tillery can just find the light just a little bit if he could just he's a massive individual. claimed, the life. And also their plane a legit for three skiing this year. So these guys are putting the hand in dirt and their dignity cleats in the turf and the firing off. So that's the first element you needs to be able to have you put pressure on these quarterbacks. Secondly, can you cover? Guys in the back in that could cover the front in the first level guys in the third level guys work hand in hand they put pressure on the quarterback got guys that can cover then secondly, the second level guys I think that's the biggest question mark I have with the chargers defense the second level guys, which is the backers, the backers. Kenneth Murray is adult kids Kenneth Murray Manny in Oklahoma all he did was tackle you fly he flew around you always number nine in a highlight or around the football he loves the game as well. So I'm right there with you. I think the charges man I just I want to see him the healthy I just want to see the chargers getting out of camp. Healthy They can. They're going to come they WANNA raise a lot of eyebrows not just in the division of the National Football Three, hundred, twenty, five total tackles for Kenneth. Murray. Thirty six and a half tackles for loss over his three years at Oklahoma nine and a half sacks to like he's. Little more versatile may remember you're talking the Turtle Games was forty Turtle Games I mean this guy you're tackle machine. If they're healthy I, I really think they have a chance to be the top defensive football but I don't Wanna I don't WanNa. act like it's a huge breakout because I think the expectation for this team should be a top ten diva. Bottom half lead defense disastrous season. You've got some teams a team in the same division actually that. Be a breakout and the Denver broncos is this is this your twenty twenty bears pick like the? Team makes it hugely. Okay, my twenty, twenty bears fake in. Will represent his two years ago. I picked the bears have a breakout year before they even. Trade for clear Mac and we knew and we saw how that twenty eighteen season came to like Chicago but. The Denver Broncos, they're my number one breakout. Very, same same same guy coordinating the defenses the Air Vic Fangio of course, the head coach but he's still a hand in hand with the defense and let me start with this. The reason why I think the rock was will have a huge breakout defensive year. Is When you look at how they finished the season last year, they played some of their best football in their final six ballgames led by von Miller in that six game stretch I think he had four sets so they finally. Understood what was expected of them as defense played in a new system, a new style of play being able to get the chemistry together they finished the season playing real good for off. Secondly I think that momentum will carry into this season, but when you also add a healthy Radley chump. pair him up with von Miller people sleeping von Miller. He can still dominate a ballgame. He's still dominated a season but now he has the ultimate healthy Robin von Miller is Batman. Trump is robin and those guys go hand in hand. So talking about the first element used to have a successful defense, can you put pressure on the quarterback? Those guys can't get it done those who guys can arguably the best dual of pass Russia's in the national football? League This would you rather have von Miller and Brett just for twenty twenty will say von Miller and Bradley Chubb or Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. I would say that it's Better Pass rushing do alcoholic missing. The San Francisco got both in Florida you wearing. Who that's a tough right there who raised twenty twenty I'd probably go Bosa and Ingram, but I wouldn't so. Jobs. Coming off the ACL and bounty. I think you're right like von Miller Ryan. Wilson Dennis Top ten pass rushing pass rusher list. I think von Miller. was. Enough. Yeah. He did I tried to jump on. Ryan about this. You destroyed people those. Comeback, but I think like I think. This is a good chance at vons in his last year with the broncos. If he doesn't have a great season because his the way that his contracts sets up, he has two years left get out of it after this year. So I think he's going to be really motivated to come out and have a big season. Of course you just saw what? Bosa and Myles Garrett got so you know going to be motivated so. And I think I based on. What happened with Chubb last year I think I I second that with you will I think I would take that dual out in la La land with the chargers but these guys are not a pushover at all right job in von Miller and then secondly being able to add they basically gave. The Tennessee Titans. A snickers. Bar. Choir Derail Casey who might be? Defensive Player. In. Years but he oh. That's what Mike how, who, who, who, okay. That deal for tendency to get what they got in return to ship Durell Casey Zipper who's going to be a huge addition as well. Similar. The thing I love about your team team the similarities are there right. Joseph in the middle who can make those pass rushers even better because they three US bodies. So durell Casey's added to the forefront on that front, which will be huge expression for guys like Ryan Miller and Chop and then you get the secondary. List. Created for peanuts to. It's crazy AJ. Bouvier you add he's going to be motivated. He Still GonNa play Kareem Jackson has really excelled at the safety position is Yada talented.

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