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Have yourself a marvelous day. And in case I forget we will talk to you on Friday. Show your book now. Okay? And I've been trying to get your video together. I've been getting a bunch of match to see if any of them would help us. I'm a video for however, video for Howard. You know what the Howards Retirement video will be 10 minutes of people. Remembering where they were when he picked the bills and it'll bothering you know he's so upset about. No, it'll be. It'll be 10 minutes of people complaining that I never tried peanut butter for 50 years, I was just about say, it's the 10 minutes that people just say I remember the day when you first said he never tried peanut butter. Do you remember the day we learned he didn't eat? Fill in the blank? You know, I mean, yeah, there's a guy that never ate fruit never ate apple pie. You know, I've got the waistline to prove it, fellas. All right. Thank you, Mr Hamilton. Take care. All right, Paul segment brought to you by equitable advisers. Planning for your future is about more than just money. Let equitable be your guide by Ray Alexander. Relax. We got those are picking the bills at 8 15. You know, I think I've got an appointment at 8 15. I've got I've got a I got to step out for about 20 minutes. I don't know. Oh, yeah, I'll check my schedule, see if I could make a 15 work. Well, there's the reason that we have a phone line that we can connect you to. Well, I already know Del read already guaranteed. He's going to have a angry treat with me for well, whatever it is, he already told me that he's gonna have an angry tweet. Maybe instead of a Howard picks the bill. Sure we have a shirt where people say I always get mad at Howard when he picks the bills. Would actually be the first one to buy that shirt. If he does that, Jeremy I'm in I will buy you guys shirts. If if Del does that on? Of course it would go We could cause so sure Right? 803 old 5 50 to join us 8885 52 5 50 w Here The only way you can take Telugu are sports radio 5 50 with you is the Odyssey AB Tell noted today and listened to us.

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