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Trying a criminal case more than a quarter century old tall order ordering memories fade witnesses. Die a fact not lost. On Europe's defense attorney. Chuck Watson if you take this case apart the only thank they can prove beyond reasonable doubt as the left that he ran away just made the wrong decision he did make the wrong decision But I wonder if the decision forgivable decision not surprisingly Diane Babcock's Fam- he was pushing hard for the prison sentence. They did not believe Diane with some actress in Shakespearean love tragedy. They did believe she was an unwilling participant. I bet who did not live to tell her side of the story. This is one of those kind of cases where really you're the only person on the planet who knows the truth. Mr Babcock was hoping that you would spend at least ten years in prison He was quite understandably naturally. Wanted to blame somebody for the death of his daughter and they were. Could you understand why he felt that way. No I find their attitude. Almost appalling. This was not some crime that you see on TV. This was two people love eloping. An accident happened in May two thousand seven after Urich. It spent nine months in the county jail. The prosecutor cut a deal. He dropped the charge Jamaica login homicide. Eric agreed to plead guilty to criminal. Mischief and criminal in danger said it's ten years on each count suspended with Matt. He would not spend a single day of that sentence behind bars in Montana. The gowdy attorney acknowledge the Diet. Sally didn't like the outcome but last what good he do their belief through means that she was essentially kidnapped murder. That is is a terrible way to do with the loss of a child. Then if I were dealing with the prosecutor who felt otherwise I wouldn't be with them either. Dan's family declined a request to take part in this report. And Sheriff Dupont's is no longer with us. He died in two thousand twelve but in his last years he do close to the Babcock and he spoke for them as much as for himself was a tragedy to that family. We we could executed Jerry Rosiak wooden in. It wouldn't help them. They needed to see some kind of justice that they needed to see them. And they didn't mind you your can roses. Legal troubles weren't over GYP. Back to Texas. He was to face federal charges including passport fraud after all he got in the US S. passport under a false name. Michael Lee Smith but again after another four months behind bars and some stiff fines yard was set. Free the federal government and their wisdom for punishment deported him. Back to where it all started to Vancouver so I got a free ride home. The very place he and Dian so desperately sought to escape is teenagers where no criminal jeopardy awaited Theft charge. He'd face for essentially stealing that airplane at long since been dropped by Canadian authorities. Uric Umbro Zeke was on final approach is to freedom back where it all began feel like home does especially now with my parents and my my sister and her kids being here. It's I definitely home. It's very interesting life. You have now these pieces. None of them seem to belong together and you have to put that one over here. This one over here. It had lifted in twenty years is Michael Smith and I think it was a model. US citizen when I did did do that. Fake you as wall nonetheless made lots of money and then I pay lots of taxes. Exemplary citizen model fictitious. Whatever you call it they still even after all this time there are questions he truly loved Diana do all all he could to save her? Were they eloping after all there. Was that phone call to his friend. Tom Barrack said Diane was just tagging along our Gordon lower or something like that. Many explain all that part of the records. It supports their theory. That you're a really bad dude. Who killed his girlfriend and now saying I was in love? It was Romeo and Juliet right well so people read anything. They wanted to the only way I can explain. This is shocked. I was in and you know a lot of people still don't believe you then probably won't believe even when you go chapter and verse through the Whole Story Richer and how much you did love her. They still won't believe that at all it can do tell them what happened. How it happened? The rest of the can't control. Uh He is written it all down every bit of his story in a book called a tear in my life the brutal truth to set the record straight he said and he's created on elaborate website with all the documents from his cases all of them. He's he's an unusual person. Derek Broza stubborn particular hooked on the tiniest details. was he a crazy man. was he a monster was he. Romeo was he a grief stricken boyfriend. You just don't know. Does it help to tell his story. Does he feel irresponsible guilty. If you're uric Ambrosi it's complicated. You said you're a lifelong Catholic isn't important Gordon to to feel somehow given for this. You know. Expect anybody to forgive me. I know what happened and I you know unfortunately a lost something thing very precious to me and we laugh together but that ended that night but getting people to to accept that. I don't think it really matters to me. And if we can believe him he is still deeply in love with his teenage sweetheart. Sweetheart that innocent young woman who entrusted her fate to her Romeo Diane of division so haunting who rose from the lake so long in her grade. That's all for for this edition of Dateline. We'll see you again next Friday at nine eight central at of course I'll see you each weeknight for NBC nightly news. I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News. Good night.

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