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Hi my name is Jack and I'm a sophomore Santa Fe press in a supportive environment a prep I've been able to take on new challenges both in the classroom and on the soccer field through these challenges I've gained skills they have prepared me for college and beyond learn more about Santa Fe prep at as of prev dot org or call to schedule a visit applications for next school year are now being accepted tuition assistance is available means prepared ready for anything Danny mass run is conducted by middle and high school students of Santa Fe prep students efforts have amassed an endowment of over three hundred thousand dollars at the Santa Fe community foundation a student committee makes all decisions for use of proceeds and planning the run we are currently supporting to Santa Fe families of children with cancer if you would like to support this year's fortieth annual run on Friday April third twenty twenty or if you know a child with cancer in the Santa Fe area in me please email DMR as of press dot org Hey everybody tells here to talk about Pat mills holiday promotion hi Dale good morning honey but I need some help how should we give back this year some something for kids is always good well it is winter hi how bout slides for kids node too dangerous yeah kids all like candy that that'd be easy com I can't imagine that moms would approve right well that leaves us with toys too many age groups I think this is tougher than I thought I got it how about warm clothes for kids and.

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