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I think it's important to cut deep enough that you never have to have a second round of cuts if possible because the fear of oh i am i going to be next it just paralyzes the organization so we cut probably deeper than we had to intentionally to leave some cushion and we recommitted the employee base to the mission and to each other you may be talking about my brother but i guess it is not that different than that it's like now we have to sort of succeed so that those that are no longer here didn't sort of sacrifice with a sacrifice in vain and so we worked our butts off to make our successful we did a lot of really smart tactical businessoriented things around the pivotal hotels around innovations on the product at the time priceline was her main rival and the name your price thing was press lines innovation and hours innovation was that we showed you the price and so you didn't know what the hotel was until after you purchased by we showed you with the price was and so took some of the guessing out of it and that was very innovative and it made for very appealing value proposition to our suppliers our airlines and hotels but also to consumers and then we took a big bet on advertising one of the benefits of the dotcom meltdown was tv advertising was pretty cheap because although startups that were advertising in the late 90s were gone and so it how are we invest really early in tv today of course you try the tv two seconds later you'll see an ad for tra vago inexpedient reviser their everywhere but in two thousand one or two thousand three the airways were pretty empty from travel advertising and that was a big bet that we made in the paid off.

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